A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1373

Ye Yuyan hasn’t looked down upon her cousin since she was a child. Now that she heard that Ye Fan was going to live with her under one roof, Ye Yuyan was naturally unhappy and refused directly.
When Dongmei heard this, she suddenly blamed: “You kid, why are you not sensible.”
“Xiao Fan is your aunt’s child after all. Don’t we even care about him and let him sleep in the street?”
“Mom, I don’t care. I won’t live under the same roof with him anyway.”
“If you insist on letting him live, I will go out and live.” Ye Yuyan still insisted.
But Dongmei’s face was blue with anger: “You~”
“Okay, my daughter is right. My sister, this child is a second-rate child. She hasn’t been doing business since she was a child, fighting everywhere, and still coveting my daughter back then? It’s just a bastard.” Ye Tian put down his tea cup and said coldly.
“Since I was a child, I have determined that he will have nothing to do in the future.”
“How is it now?”
“Run to be the door-to-door son-in-law, and become a soft rice man.”
“I simply lost my Ye family.” The
“If such a second-rate person is allowed to live in our house, I can’t figure out what moths are.”
“You are troublesome. Ask me to say that when my sister made this request, you should just refuse it.”
Ye Tian obviously didn’t have a good impression of his nephew. At this time, he was on Ye Yuyan’s side, and he didn’t agree to let Ye Fan come to live in the house.
When Dongmei heard this, she was immediately dissatisfied: “I said Lao Ye, why did I respond just now? Didn’t I think it was your sister? If I refused, your face would not look good. Now both of you, both of you blame it. I’m coming?”
“Then you tell me what to do, there is no place for your sister, and your grandfather doesn’t let you live there. Could it be true that your nephew should go to sleep in the street?”
Dongmei was a little bit pitiful for the child Ye Fan. She wanted Ye Fan to live there.
Ye Tian thought for a while, and then said: “Let him live in a hotel outside, it’s a big deal for our family to get the money.”
“Okay, don’t worry about this. I’ll call my sister later.”
After Ye Tian finished speaking, he seemed to think of something again, and looked at his daughter: “By the way, Yu Yan. There is something I forgot to tell you.”
“Qin Yu came to see you today, and you happened to be away at the time, so he left after leaving an invitation.”
“Qin Yu came to me?” Ye Yuyan was overjoyed when she heard the name Qin Yu.
In Yeyang Town, the only peer that Ye Yuyan admired was Qin Yu.
Qin Yu’s father and Ye Yuyan’s father have been old friends for decades. Ye Yuyan and Qin Yu have known each other since they were young, and they are not an exaggeration.
At that time, Ye Yuyan and Qin Yu took turns sitting in the first place of grade. The two have the same academic background, even their family backgrounds are well matched, and both go to school and leave school together.
It can be said that Qin Yu is Ye Yuyan’s best friend of the opposite sex.
Many people once thought that Ye Yuyan would become Qin Yu’s girlfriend.
But everyone was wrong, Ye Yuyan only regarded Qin Yu as his male girlfriend.
The friendship between them is between friends and lovers.
“Yeah, you don’t know yet, Xiaoyu is getting married, tomorrow’s wedding. Want you to be a witness?”
Speaking of this, Ye Tian suddenly sighed.
“Hey, you Nizi, what a nice boy Xiaoyu is.”
“His father is the county magistrate, one level above me.”
“And now Xiao Yu is also a famous entrepreneur in the county.”
“When people pursued you, how good would it be for you to agree?”

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