A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1382

She turned her head, pulled the veil off her head, and looked back.
Sure enough, I saw a tall and sunny man running in her direction.
Du Wenya cried instantly and burst into tears.
She didn’t expect Shen Yuxiang to really come.
Like a knight, from among the thousands of horses, he slew in.
Du Wenya could no longer conceal the emotions in her heart, her pretty face with tears, desperately ran over and drilled Shen Yuxiang’s arms.
“Wenya, I’m sorry, I’m late.”
“I’ve decided. You can only be my Shen Yuxiang’s wife. I don’t allow you to marry anyone.”
“Now, I will take you away.”
Shen Yuxiang said firmly.
Du Wenya cried and nodded: “Well, Yuxiang, I will go with you.”
However, just as Shen Yuxiang grabbed Du Wenya’s arm and was about to leave, the hotel’s bodyguards immediately surrounded him.
Qin Yu, Ye Yuyan and others also came.
“Shen Yuxiang, you are really looking for death!”
“My Qin Yu’s wedding, do you dare to disturb?”
“Today I will let you stand and lie down!” Qin Yu cursed angrily with red eyes.
The day of great rejoicing is disturbed by others, I am afraid that no one will remain calm.
After Ye Jian and Ye Yuyan saw that the person who came was Shen Yuxiang, their panic disappeared instantly, and they sneered.
I just think that Shen Yuxiang is really an idiot.
He came in as though he was stunned, did he really think he could take Du Wenya away from so many people?
“Really irresponsible.” Ye Yuyan shook her head and whispered.
However, just as the bodyguards gathered around and prepared to attack Shen Yuxiang, Shen Yuxiang looked out of the hotel and shouted, “Brother Fan, are you still not showing up?”
“If you don’t show up again, your brother and I will be killed.”
“Brother Fan?”
“What Brother Fan?”
Shen Yuxiang’s words shocked everyone present.
Qin Yu and the others are even more curious. Could it be that Shen Yuxiang is still an accomplice?
Just before everyone was surprised, outside the hotel, a thin figure appeared quietly.
I saw the man, a black jacket, washed jeans, and a pair of white sneakers.
The whole person is just like a passerby.
However, it was such a man, with his hands in his pockets and a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, just like this, he walked slowly toward the eyes of everyone.
In the end, they came to Shen Yuxiang and Du Wenya.
He looked at Qin Yu and said lightly, “Qin Yu, right?”
“Give me face and let them go.”
“It’s not easy for my brother and Wenya to come to this day. Why not enjoy adult beauty?”
Ye Fan’s calm words, like a spring breeze in June, slowly blew through the halls.
The restaurant of Nuo Da was silent for a moment.
Immediately afterwards, there was a scolding sound.
“Damn, let me go to Nima?”
“You are a door-to-door son-in-law, you have a face!”
“Dare to pretend to be here?”
“Fuck you!”
After seeing Ye Fan, Ye Jian and Ye Yuyan were so shocked that their eyes almost popped out.
Especially after hearing Ye Fan’s arrogant and arrogant words, Ye Jian couldn’t help it anymore and directly yelled.
Ye Yuyan was also full of displeasure and disgust, staring at Ye Fan with a fierce light in her eyes.
This Ye Fan, really such a brave, dare to disturb her friend’s wedding?
Don’t look at your own virtues, dare to speak up here!

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