A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 139

“The stepping stone has a mark, scratch the iron to leave marks!”
“Wu Herong is so capable?”
“No wonder, so many good players in the Niu family are actually in this person’s hands.”
Seeing this Zhengrong fist mark, everyone in the room was hard to look.
Li’s second child trembled even more, thinking that after returning home, he would have to add some manpower to his residence and by the way repair all the basement into iron.
Chen Nan at the door, looking at the magnificent fist marks, his pretty face turned white.
It was also the first time that she saw that just with a mortal body, she could leave a fist mark in a boulder.
In the past, Chen Nan had always thought that this kind of thing only appeared in movies or novels, but now Chen Nan did not expect that in reality, such people actually exist.
She now finally knows why her father has been worried these days. With such a powerful enemy staring at him, who can sleep and eat?
“Mr. Huo, what do you think?”
“If you meet him at that time, how sure are you sure?” Chen Ao’s face was solemn, but he asked Horton facing forward in a deep voice. Remember to read in one second
Horton didn’t speak, but walked over, staring at the fist marks on the boulder. After a long time, he shook his head and smiled disdainfully.
“Mr. Huo, what’s wrong?”
Everyone was curious, but all the big brothers in Jiangdong looked at Horton.
Holden kept silent, but stepped back a few steps, stepping on the ground with his legs and pressing down on his waist.
Immediately afterwards, everyone saw Horton’s aura sinking, and luck with his dantian. Then, his brows and eyes were cold, he immediately exerted his strength, punched fiercely, and hit the boulder in front of him.
A deep roar, like a muffled thunder.
In a moment, the boulder burst and the rubble flew.
Hundred catties of boulders fell apart in an instant, and thousands of rubble shot all over the ground.
Seeing this scene, everyone present was shocked.
The eyes of Li Lao Er, Chen Ao and others were wide open, and even Chen Nan was so shocked that his hands covered his red lips and his small face was flushed. Just now, Holden’s method was astonishing!
After a long period of silence, thunderous applause rang out in the restaurant.
Chen Ao and others clapped and applauded, and the hearty laughter echoed endlessly.
“Mr. Horton, deserves to be called the Southeast Tiger.”
“This heavy punch has really shocked me and opened my eyes.”
“Then Wu Herong only left a few inches of fist marks on the boulder, but Mr. Huo has the ability to penetrate the boulder and break it with one punch.”
“This method is worthy of the title of boxing champion!”
Chen Ao was overjoyed.
Li Lao Er and the others also clapped and laughed.
“There is boxing champion Huo, this Wu Herong, we Jiangdong, why should we be afraid?”
For a time, all the big brothers in Jiangdong all complimented and admired them.
For so long, the depression that has been lingering in my heart was also relaxed after seeing Horton’s methods.
However, when everyone was delighted, no one noticed that Ye Fan, who had been silent on the round table, shook his head with a smile at the corner of his mouth.
Others can’t see it, but Ye Fan can.
The stone just now should be a stone similar to marble.
This kind of boulder is extremely brittle in texture.
It is easy to break, but it is ten times more difficult to break the boulder without leaving a fist mark. It requires a strong control over the power.
“This Wu Herong’s control of his own power is afraid that he has reached an extremely terrifying point.”
“There is not the slightest amount of extra energy to radiate.”
“This kind of person, in the Western mercenary group, is probably enough to be considered a strong person.”
Ye Fan secretly analyzed. In his opinion, Horton’s so-called boxing champion, who was beaten in a boxing match like Wu Herong, could not do a single trick.

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