A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1392

Now, it is taking advantage of the trend to let them get married and forge a marriage.
It is conceivable how Shen Yuxiang was grateful for Ye Fan at this time.
“Fatty, what are you doing?”
“If this happens again, be careful I kick you!”
Ye Fan cursed, and he was about to kick over, so that Shen Yuxiang jumped up quickly.
Many years of friendship between the two of them are silent. It’s so polite, it’s a reward.
“But Brother Fan, really.”
“Fatty, I really thank you.”
“I know, if it weren’t for Brother Fan’s face, then Qin Yu wouldn’t be so easy to talk, and Wenya wouldn’t marry me.”
As he spoke, the small eyes of the fat man suddenly turned red, and there were almost tears in his eyes.
That is happiness, it is joy.
“Look at your unpromising appearance.”
Ye Fan looked at him, shook his head and smiled, then punched the fat man on the shoulder.
“Okay, treat others well from now on.”
“Wenya is a good girl. I can see that she really likes you.”
“But Fatty, you can fight yourself!”
“I can help you for a while, but I won’t be able to help you forever.”
“In the future, whether you can get ahead and let others value you and make Wenya happy depends on your own efforts.”
“Yeah. Brother Fan, I will.”
“Wenya blocked her life to marry me, how dare Shen Yuxiang let her lose?” The fat man said solemnly with eyes full of determination.
Every sentence is loud and sound.
“Yeah.” Upon seeing this, Ye Fan nodded and smiled with relief.
After this incident, Shen Yuxiang and Du Wenya went back to Yeyang Town to see Shen Yuxiang’s parents.
On the way back, Shen Yuxiang smiled Changshuang.
“Brother Fan, I found that you are really bad!”
“It’s nothing more than referring to the deer as a horse, and let Qin Yu be the witness for me and Wenya.”
“At that time, you didn’t see that Qin Yu’s face was green, just like eating shit.”
“There are also Ye Jian and Ye Yuyan. It was a joy to hit them in the face just now by Brother Fan.”
“I guess Ye Yuyan is vomiting blood out of anger right now?”
In the scene just now, Shen Yuxiang felt more comfortable as he thought about it.
The Qin family exhausted their efforts for this wedding banquet and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, but in the end they made Shen Yuxiang a wedding dress for him, and Shen Yuxiang was naturally happy.
“The Qin family is very difficult, and forced Wenya to marry him.”
“Today’s ending is that they are on their own account and are not worthy of sympathy.”
Listening to Shen Yuxiang’s laughter, Ye Fan whispered.
Just now, Du Wenya had already told them everything.
The reason why she agreed to marry the Qin family, apart from her father’s desire to gain power and gain valuables, is that the Qin family bullied others and threatened with power.
If Du Wenya disagrees, the Qin family will seize Du Wenya’s property.
“Qin Yu’s father is the leader of the county, and we are just a small business in the town. We can cut off our family’s life by just finding a reason. I have no choice but to agree.”
“Before, I was already discouraged.”
“Fortunately, Brother Xiao Fan helped us. Otherwise, I really don’t know how to live my future life.”
In the car, Du Wenya spoke slowly.
In the words, there is panic, joy, and happiness.

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