A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1397

“Well said!”
“Sister, I said before that your son is uneducated, you still don’t believe it.”
“How is it now?”
“Your son, you don’t have any serious skills. Can you really make trouble for it?”
“Today he made such a big mistake and brought endless disasters to the Ye Family.”
“If you want me to say, you will quickly lead him to the Qin family tonight and apologize to the Qin family!”
Ye Ya also took the conversation at this time, and also said sharply to Ye Fan.
“More than that, I have to apologize to my father and second uncle.”
“Aren’t you hurry up?”
“Go and ask Uncle Qin to kneel down tonight~”
All the people in the courtyard spoke harshly.
Everyone is reprimanding Ye Fan, verbally criticizing Ye Fan.
In an instant, Ye Fan was pointed out by thousands of people.
Like an abandoned child in the world.
His eyebrows were drooping, and the sunlight shed like water, falling on him, reflecting the shadow of the whole place.
Suddenly, Ye Fan raised his head.
Senran’s eyes swept through Ye Tian, Ye Ya, and everyone in the room, but then sneered, but quietly exploded in this courtyard.
“Let me apologize?”
“You are worthy too!”
The words were cold, and the sound was muffled.
In an instant, a cold wind swept across here.
In the courtyard, three thousand fallen leaves were all startled.
Ye Fan’s sneer was full of sullen anger.
But there is no respect for the elders at all!
Everyone trembled. Obviously, he did not expect Ye Fan to be so courageous and dare to insult his elders?
“Xiao Fan, don’t offend~” Ye Ximei was worried and quickly persuaded.
But it is too late!
Ye Tian and others had obviously been completely irritated by Ye Fan’s unceremonious words!
“shut up!”
“You are a junior, how dare you speak disrespect to us?”
“In your eyes, there is still the Ye family, but also our uncles?”
Because of his anger, Ye Tian’s face was green, and he scolded Ye Fan violently.
“Ye Family?”
Ye Fan suddenly smiled.
The laughter was bleak and full of self-deprecating.
As if I heard it, it was the funniest joke in the world.
The icy words, like a cold wind, swept everywhere.
“I treat you as uncles, have you ever treated me as nephews?”
“Today’s wedding banquet, the Qin family didn’t say anything, and even treated me with courtesy and respect!”
“But what about you?”
“Listening to Ye Jian’s nonsense, he couldn’t wait to verbally criticize me, verbally criticize me, and let me kneel and apologize to the Qin family?!”
“Yes, the attitude of the Qin family towards you is related to your beautiful future. But what does it matter to me?”
“You go to please others, to have a good relationship with the Qin family, lick your face like a dog to curse, go ahead, no one will stop you!”
“But, what qualifications do you have to let me sacrifice my personal dignity to cheat others for you?”
“Keep talking about relatives, uncles, and the righteous words of the family.”
“But in the end, for the sake of your future and interests, I, Ye Fan, was not regarded as a victim of your fawning on others?”
“Just because I disturbed the Qin Family Young Master’s wedding banquet, forced me to kneel and apologize?”
“Then if I said, I not only offended the Qin family, but I also offended Lei San in Jingzhou, made Lei San beg for mercy and made Prince Lei cry for his father and mother, you so-called uncles, aunts, right? Let me Ye Fan apologize with death?”
“So in exchange for my uncle’s officialdom to go smoothly, in exchange for my second uncle’s shopping mall to prosper fortune?!”

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