A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1425

However, I am really unwilling.
Obviously my life has just begun, is it coming to an end now?
She didn’t even have time to talk about love, and she hadn’t even met the man she liked.
Crystal tears, just like the tide, surging out.
When facing death, Ye Yuyan suddenly realized that she was not as calm as she imagined.
My heart is full of regrets.
At this time, Ye Yuyan, how hopeful that there can be a peerless hero who descends from the sky on the colorful auspicious clouds to save her from danger.
But Ye Yuyan knew very well that fantasy was only fantasy after all.
This kind of hero will only appear in movies.
There is no Monkey King in the world, so how can Ye Yuyan be that stunning Zixia fairy?
Consciousness gradually blurred.
The strength behind became heavier.
In my ears are the cry of my parents and relatives.
Before my eyes, it was all bloody.
However, when the huge force behind Ye Yuyan almost suffocated Ye Yuyan, Hua Yingtian’s dull and majestic anger, if the storm exploded, it instantly swept the entire world.
“Your Excellency, haven’t you shown up yet?”
“I, Hua Yingtian, stepping east from the sea, I am here for you!”
“If you don’t show up again, don’t blame me Hua Yingtian, kill all the Ye family members!”
The sound is muffled, rolling by.
In an instant, the whole hall trembled.
Everyone turned around and looked around, all in a panic.
In my heart, there was even more nameless fear swept through.
Is there anyone else?
But who would it be?
Did Hua Yingtian step on the sea to come, just for him?
“If that’s the case, how strong is this person who makes Hua Yingtian so solemn?” Thinking of this, Ye Jian’s face was undoubtedly paler, and the panic in his heart became more intense.
Not only Ye Jian, but also Lu Tianhe and Ye Yuyan, who were seriously injured, had to gritted their teeth and raised their heads from the ground, looking hard.
For a long time, Lu Tianhe wanted to know why Hua Yingtian suddenly descended to China.
Until now, Lu Tianhe knew that Hua Yingtian came to China to kill one person!
They also wanted to see, where is it sacred that the Sword God Palace sent Hua Yingtian to travel eastward, just for him?
In a moment, the whole hall was silent.
Everyone held their breath, Zhang Huang looked around, trying to find the person Hua Yingtian said.
However, one second, two seconds~
Ten seconds passed, and no one came out!
When Ye Yuyan and Lu Tianhe saw this, the last hope in his heart was undoubtedly extinguished immediately.
Before, they hoped that the mysterious man would save them.
It now seems that the other party should have been scared to escape after seeing Hua Yingtian’s majesty.
Thinking of this, Ye Yuyan’s eyebrows dimmed immediately, leaving only despair in his heart.
However, just when Ye Yuyan and others died in despair.
In the corner of the restaurant, the man who had been tasting tea safely finally finished the last sip of tea in his cup.
Until then, the man’s faint laughter sounded quietly in this silent hall.
“For me, the first disciple of the Sword God Palace traveled far and wide, and came to the east?”
“I, Ye Fan, really feel honored.”
Ye Fan’s low laughter was like a breeze sweeping.
In an instant, it blew all over the restaurant.
With the sound of Ye Fan’s words, all the eyes of everyone in the restaurant looked over in an instant.

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