A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 143

Since they didn’t believe in themselves, Ye Fan didn’t bother to put a hot face on their cold ass.
Anyway, he didn’t bother to care about it. The reason for recommending himself just now was only for the sake of Chen Ao and Li Er.
After all, these two people are the people Ye Fan has spent many years supporting. If he had to, Ye Fan would naturally not give up.
“But now, some people don’t know how to promote, don’t blame me Ye Fan for not being saved.”
“At that time, I will really face Wu Herong, how do you play?”
Ye Fan snorted, but immediately greeted the night and went to Han Hai’s home to find Qiu Mucheng.
It’s so late, I’m afraid I will have to kneel on the washboard if I don’t go back.
Thinking of this, Ye Fan was taken aback for a moment, as if he was thinking of something, and then he patted his thigh.
Second Olympics ~ First URL m.
I forgot to take the things I bought for my wife.

“Do you still have no eyes? You still don’t know the master?”
“A yellow-mouthed kid, dare to speak up here?”
“It’s so funny!”
After Ye Fan left, there was a sneer in the room.
“Ms. Chen, whose son is that dude just now?”
“It’s like an idiot!”
“This kind of person, why are you so polite to him?”
The bald Lei San also sneered and laughed, with a scornful face, but turned to ask Chen Ao.
Now that Ye Fan is gone, these people naturally have no scruples when talking.
However, Chen Ao and Li Lao Er’s expressions were a bit ugly. They looked at each other, but they both gave a wry smile.
They only hope Ye Fan is not really angry now.
“Mr. Huo, the young man has already left, and no one here is getting in your eyes anymore.”
“You come back quickly.”
“This time our Jiangdong survives, but it’s all in your hands.”
After driving Ye Fan away, all the big guys in the room looked at Horton, but the respectful one invited Horton to his seat again.
“Mr. Huo, it was a misunderstanding before.”
“The words of a junior, don’t take it to your heart.”
“Now, we still have to sit down and discuss how to deal with Wu Herong.”
“You must choose a perfect solution!”
Everyone soothed, and Chen Nan even went to Pour Horton himself a cup of tea.
Horton sipped his tea while smiling proudly: “Discussion?”
“Why discuss?”
“I said, within three strokes, I defeated him like a dog.”
“You, as long as you can find his abode, this boxing champion can go and kill at any time!”
“This is the strong style!”
“Sure enough, a master of art is bold~”
Holden’s confident words naturally made everyone admire, but the doubts in his heart were also dispelled a lot. Li’s second child, Chen Ao, and the others seemed to have seen Wu Herong collapse under Holden’s fist in despair.
Chen Nan was also full of admiration and admiration for Horton at this time.
“Dad, look at Mr. Huo, who is so bold and arrogant, this is what a strong person should be.”
“It’s not like the dude disciple just now, who doesn’t have much ability and is still talking nonsense.”
“He even said that Wu Herong killed Mr. Huo like a chicken. I think Mr. Huo killed him like a chicken.”
Chen Nan’s words caused a lot of laughter.
Horton seemed to be very helpful to this kind of compliment. He was expressionless, with a high-handed look, and in a very arrogant tone, he said to Chen Ao: “Chen, you have a good daughter. .”
“At least, your daughter, knows who is an expert and who is a waste!”
“Mr. Xie Huo compliments.” Chen Nan seemed flattered after receiving the compliment from boxing champion Holden, thanking him with a smile.
Chen Ao also smiled, but for some reason, there was always an inexplicable worry in his heart at this time.
Is this Holden really as powerful as he boasted?
Was Ye Fan’s words just now really just nonsense?

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