A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 145

Dead still.
Deathly silence.
After the man in front of him appeared, the whole private room was silent. Only the cold wind, like the roar of the devil, blew through the broken doors and windows.
Almost everyone present was stunned.
A second before they were still discussing how to put Wu Herong to death, but who would have thought that Wu Herong fell from the sky and kicked the door and appeared in front of the heavy man.
Many people looked scared, and Li Erye of Yunzhou and the bald-headed Sanye Lei were even more frightened.
You know, almost all Jiangdong’s big brothers are here tonight. Wu Herong suddenly arrived today. Could it be the rhythm of a pot?
Indeed, as long as tonight, Wu Herong will kill Chen Ao and everyone else present. At that time, there will be no leader in the Jiangdong group, and the various forces will undoubtedly be in chaos. Wu Herong took the opportunity to end and integrate all forces. Then the richest man in Jiangdong will undoubtedly make a comeback ten years later.
No wonder Li Er and others were so scared, they were really afraid that Wu Herong would kill them all tonight.
However, fortunately, the things that worried everyone did not happen.
Facing Chen Ao and others, the gray-robed man in front of him just said coldly: “Wu Herong is my senior.” Remember to read for a second
“Tonight, I was ordered by my senior brother to send a paper to the Jiangdong guys.”
“Ten days later, Jianghai City, under Mount Tai, my brother Wu Herong, have an appointment to fight the entire Jiangdong!”
“All grievances will be resolved on that day.”
“At that time, there will be both grievances and life and death!”
“If you don’t come, there is such a table 1ca93920~”
When the words fell, the gray-robed man slammed his palm.
The tables and chairs shattered, and the debris was flying.
Even the tea on the table burst instantly, splashing Horton all over.
Seeing that under the palm of this person, it fell apart, and everyone trembled again with fright, their faces pale as paper.
The man in front of him was too strong. As soon as he appeared, he kicked open the doors and windows with thunder, even more heroic, and on behalf of his brother, he made an appointment to fight the whole Jiangdong. In the end, he split the mahogany table and chairs with a palm. The brutal means shocked everyone.
Even Chen Ao, Li Er, and other big men who are usually inextricable, but the gray-robed man in front of him is shocked and unable to say a word.
After the notification, the gray-robed man immediately turned around, ready to leave.
However, at this moment, a cold voice in the room quietly sounded.
“Give me the water and wipe it clean.”
Holden’s voice is not loud, but it is domineering and leaky. In these few sentences, there is implied majesty, and sullen anger is scattered.
Horton was sitting there like this, the table in front of him was broken. But he didn’t change his face, with a cold gaze, indifferently at the man who suddenly broke in.
At this time, Horton’s straight suit was full of tea.
When the man in the gray robe smashed the long table just now, almost all of the tea that flew was splashed on Horton.
Holden claimed to be a generation of boxing champions, how could he tolerate a younger brother of a bereaved dog to be so offended?
When Horton’s words sounded, the whole room was quiet again.
The gray-robed man who was going to leave after he had finished writing the battle book, after hearing Horton’s words, his pace stopped immediately.
There is no sound in the room, but the atmosphere inside is heavy and depressed, it seems that a big battle is about to happen!

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