A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1458

Everyone wants to break their heads, who can have this ability, the whole Jingzhou, I am afraid that the prince of the Lei family has such a “charm”, right?
However, looking at Ye Fan’s dress up, ordinary, not like a rich boy from a wealthy family.
While everyone was amazed, Ye Jian stood up on the scene and said indignantly: “Cousin, have you made enough trouble!”
“You’ve been like this since you were a child, and you’ve done nothing, but you always talk nonsense and speak out!”
“Wake up, don’t dream of your emperor.”
“You are a son-in-law.”
“You can’t even handle your wife, and you want countless beauties to throw in your arms, don’t you think it is absurd?”
“Don’t you think it is ridiculous?”
“You did such a slanderous thing today, and you still refuse to admit it, and you don’t know how to repent. Even your brother and I feel extremely ashamed!”
Ye Jian’s eyes were red, and his words were filled with righteous indignation.
Standing on the side of justice, accusing Ye Fan of being righteous and awe-inspiring.
“After a long time, I turned out to be a son-in-law!”
“No wonder I can’t help it. I guess I was bullied by my wife and mother-in-law a lot at home. I felt wronged and came out to vent.”
“It is estimated that his wife also thinks he is useless, and she doesn’t even want him to touch it!”
“Now that I see beautiful women and miss women, I can’t help it.”
“However, it is a scumbag to not admit to molesting a woman in public!”
“It’s what a beast did~”
“Call the police.”
“After keeping him for a few years, he will be honest when he comes out.”
After hearing what Ye Jian said, the surrounding guests were also filled with righteous indignation, and they all criticized Ye Fan angrily.
For a time, Ye Fan seemed to have been pushed to the cusp of the storm, and was pointed by thousands of people.
Upon seeing this, the Fang family father and daughter felt a little guilty in their hearts.
But there is no other way. I can only blame the son-in-law who has offended him.
As for Jiang Yulang, he guessed that it was his cousin Ye Jian’s hand ratio, and he suddenly smiled smirkingly.
But Jiang Yuqing, who didn’t know the situation, was even more disgusted with Ye Fan in her heart.
I feel a deep shame just because I have such a shameless cousin!
But Ye Jian looked at him and smiled secretly.
Ye Fan, are you crazy? Proud?
This time, I will let you be completely discredited in front of Sister Yu Yan, without your reputation!
Later, Ye Jian looked at Fang Yaoyao and his daughter with shame: “Boss Fang, Miss Fang, I’m really sorry.”
“Just now, I saw that it was indeed my cousin who saw Ms. Fang’s beauty, so he thought about it and took the opportunity to wipe her oil and offended Ms. Fang.”
“I am very guilty of this.”
“Here, I apologize to you for him.”
“But please understand him. My cousin is the son-in-law. You also know that the son-in-law has no status. He is always bullied and rejected at home.”
“He was too aggrieved at home, and now he made a big mistake when he wanted to vent on impulse!”
“Don’t worry, it’s done, I know it’s too pale to apologize.”
“I will compensate a sum of money, which is regarded as a mental loss to Miss Fang.”
Ye Fan hasn’t said anything yet, but here Ye Jian has already helped Ye Fan recognize the crime.
He even put on a reasonable look to help Ye Fan apologize and settle the trouble.

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