A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1471

“Brother Ye Fan, that’s not an ordinary soldier.”
“It’s a special soldier.”
“Furthermore, they made you the captain of our special team.”
“Can hold the rank of captain.”
“You are skilled, young, and you have been the captain as soon as you came up.”
“As long as Ye Fan, you have a steadfast experience at the grassroots level for a few years, and you can get your qualifications up, and you will surely step forward in the military area.”
“Within thirty years, like my teacher, he will have the rank of major general, maybe?”
“Brother Ye Fan, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity my teacher has given you to change your destiny. You must grasp it.”
Ye Yuyan couldn’t help but persuade, as if it were a huge favor from his teacher to Ye Fan.
When Ye Fan listened, he suddenly smiled.
Seeing Ye Fan’s smile, the stone in Ye Yuyan’s heart also fell to the ground.
She thought that Ye Fan smiled and agreed.
Therefore, Ye Yuyan continued: “Since Ye Fan, brother, you want to go, then follow me to see my teacher now. My teacher will help you deal with the rest of the matter. Thank you, if you see my teacher, please .”
However, Ye Fan did not pay attention to Ye Yuyan’s words.
Instead he asked, “Who do you think is better, your teacher or me?”
Ye Yuyan was taken aback, wondering why Ye Fan asked this suddenly.
But he still replied honestly: “At the beginning, Lord Guangyue, my teacher and I were defeated by the first disciple of the Sword God Palace, Hua Yingtian. Fortunately, in the end, Ye Fan tried to turn the tide and save me and the teacher from the crisis.”
“From this perspective, Brother Ye Fan is naturally better for you.”
Ye Fan chuckled, turning his back to Ye Yuyan, and asked again: “Okay, let me ask you again, where are you in the military area?”
Ye Yuyan shook his head: “I first entered the military area, and after all I was young, I was taken care of by my teacher and became the captain of the Dragon Hunting Squad, but I just got promoted to the rank of major.”
“Yenjing Military Region, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger.”
“There are several generals, and there are no fewer than ten lieutenant generals!”
“I, Ye Yuyan, are light-spoken inside, so naturally I can’t rank well.”
Ye Yuyan spoke slowly.
However, as soon as she said this, Ye Fan immediately turned around and murmured coldly at the woman in front of her: “In that case, Ye Yuyan, what qualifications do you have to invite me?”
“I, Ye Fan, sway the east of the Yangtze River, and the four directions. The big guys from all sides respect me like a god.”
“And you, a little person who can’t even rank up, what would you take to invite me?”
The words are sonorous, just like a stone falling to the ground.
After Ye Fanyi drank it, Ye Yuyan was shocked in place, her face pale.
It was Lu Wenjing and Chen Nan who were also frightened by Ye Fan’s sudden questioning.
But Ye Fan didn’t stop, and the sound of majesty exploded again.
“At the foot of Mount Tai, Wu Herong is no match for me.”
“Hua Yinglong was beaten by me in the Yanqi Lake battle!”
“Don’t say that the first disciple of the Sword God Palace is the Japanese Sword God, I don’t care about it.”
“I, Ye Fan, the Lord of Ten Thousand Dragons, have peerless majesty and unworldly power.”
“Now, you let me serve others, be ordered by others, and be the captain of your group of rat generation ants?”
“Ye Yuyan, Ye Yuyan, don’t you think you value yourself too much?”
“Go back and tell your teacher,”
“Don’t say that a small team leader is now, that is, I will be directly appointed as a general, coaching the three armed forces, and being the chief instructor of the military region. Ye Fan, I dismissed it.”
“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it’s a joke!”
Ye Fan talked angrily.
Words and sentences are like swords, raging everywhere.
In a moment, under Ye Fan’s majesty, the temperature of this world dropped a few minutes.
Let people be like an ice cellar!

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