A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1472

After speaking, Ye Fan walked away.
Behind him, only the cold wind was left, blowing the fallen leaves all over the sky!
After Ye Fan left, Ye Yuyan stood for a long time.
Her pretty face was pale, she stayed in place just like that, staring at the back, who left angrily.
For a long time, silent.
However, the beautiful eyes in front of him quickly turned red.
Tears flowed out of her eyes unknowingly, and she kept falling along her cheeks.
It fell to the ground, but it was broken.
Until now, Ye Yuyan still couldn’t figure out why Ye Fan was so angry at her just now.
She is obviously for his good.
She obviously wanted to give him a chance to change his fate.
She thought that Ye Fan would accept it with pleasure.
However, Ye Yuyan didn’t expect it to be this kind of result in the end.
Ye Fan didn’t understand her love at all.
Ye Yuyan felt aggrieved the more she thought about it, and her tears flowed surgingly like a flood from a dyke.
Ye Yuyan never thought that one day she would cry for Ye Fan.
“Miss Ye, although you are Brother Xiaofan’s cousin.”
“But unfortunately, you don’t know him at all.”
“You don’t know, what does the name of Mr. Chu represent in Jiangdong?”
“You don’t even know what kind of majesty he has now?”
“Why does he need your favor to change his fate?”
“Because destiny has always been controlled by him!”
“After all, you still underestimated him~”
Seeing Ye Yuyan crying so sad, Chen Nan couldn’t bear it, stepped forward, sighed, and spoke softly.
Ye Fan is a proud man.
Ye Yuyan despised him twice, and now he even asked his dignified Jiangdong Lord to go to the military area to be a small captain, and she kept saying that it was giving him a chance to change his fate.
For Ye Fan, this is more than contempt, it is equivalent to a kind of humiliation.
How could Ye Fan not be angry?
After comforting Ye Yuyan for a while, Chen Nan didn’t stay long, and chased Ye Fan in the direction.
“Brother Xiaofan, did you say something a bit heavy.”
“I think Miss Ye is also kind.”
“You may have misunderstood her.”
On the way back to Yeyang Town, Chen Nan whispered what happened just now.
Ye Fan was expressionless, shook his head and smiled lightly, “Nan Nan, you don’t understand or understand the things between me and her.”
“After so many years, she should pay for her contempt for me.”
Outside the car window, the wind was bitter.
The oncoming wind shattered Ye Fan’s words.
The wheels were speeding, and the low roar resembling the howl of a wild beast echoed over the empty field.
In this way, Chen Nan, Lu Wenjing and others drove towards Ye Fan’s hometown in the car.
By the Dongchang Lake, Ye Yuyan still stood there in despair.
On the far lake, there were gusts of cool breeze, which made three thousand ripples.
“Yu Yan, I found you, are you okay?”
“I heard that something went wrong with your meal, so I rushed over immediately.”
Not long after, an anxious call suddenly came from my ear.
I saw Dongmei rushing over in a hurry, and after seeing Ye Yuyan, the stone hanging in her heart just let go.
However, after seeing her mother, Ye Yuyan’s grievance seemed to have found a catharsis, and she immediately rushed into her mother’s arms, crying loudly.
“Mom, I hate him~”
“I’m obviously for his good, why did he treat me so…”

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