A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 149

“You know it too!”
Chen Ao is now so angry that he can’t wait to kick Lei San. If it wasn’t for him to bring the rhythm, how could so many of them drive Ye Fan away, and finally left the real high popularity, but left a waste.
Looking at the boxing champion Holden who was slapped to death at this moment, Chen Ao and others felt inexplicable sadness in their hearts.
I just felt like I was slapped on the face by someone, this was a naked face slap.
Lei San also knew that he was in trouble, crying with an old face, and he didn’t dare to speak loudly: “Mr. Chen, don’t blame me alone. At that time, Mr. Chu left was not the only one who left me, or your daughter. ?”
“You~” Chen Ao’s eyes twitched, his old face flushed with anger, his mouth opened, but he had no face to talk about others.
In fact, it is true. When targeting Ye Fan before, the most active one was his daughter.
Moreover, Chen Nan’s offense to Ye Fan was not only a little bit, first he asked Ye Fan to pour the tea, and then publicly said that Ye Fan was incompetent.
Chen Ao stared at his daughter at this time. Chen Nan’s pretty face was pale, as if he was discouraged by the ball. Knowing that he was in trouble, he lowered his head and dared not look at Chen Aowang’s gaze.
When Chen Ao saw her appearance, no matter how angry, she could only turn into a long sigh: “You, you, you let me say what you, I told you earlier, Mr. Chu must not be insulted, not insulted!”
“How are you doing a big disaster?” The first website m.
Chen Ao was shivering with anger.
At this time, Lao Er Li had already recovered, got up from the ground, looked at Chen Ao, and sighed helplessly: “Mr. Chen, now is not the time to blame people.”
“Should we figure out how to recover it?”
The other people in the room also echoed for a while, and they all looked at Chen Ao with a bitter face, also like Li Er, persuading Chen Ao, saying that the priority is urgent, but to get Ye Fan’s forgiveness, and then let Ye Fan help Jiangdong deal with Wu Herong.
No way, in order to save the situation, Chen Ao had to give up an old face and call Ye Fan.
When Ye Fan received the call, he had already returned to his uncle Han Hai’s home.
“Hello, who?”
“Who am I supposed to be, it’s Mr. Chen?”
“Don’t, in Jiangdong, you are the big boss, and all the Jiangdong guys listen to you, I am just an incompetent dude, of course I have to call you Manager Chen?” Ye Fan smiled lightly, with a slight irony.
On the other end of the phone, Chen Ao was so frightened that he was sweating profusely, and his old face was bitter, almost crying.
“It’s so late, why are you looking for me?”
“Don’t, what is your status, what is my status, how can I stand the apology of you big guys?”
“Hope to help you fight Wu Herong?”
“That’s even more white and blind. I’m a waste. I can’t help you. I can only help you with my mouth. You should go to the boxing champion Mr. Huo. He is much better than me.”
“Didn’t your daughter still say that the boxing champion can slap me to death with a slap, I’m a ball?”
“And that old bald man, doesn’t it mean that boxing champion defeats me like a dog and kills me like a chicken?”
“I can’t. I’m an incompetent second-generation ancestor, a dude, and a arrogant who speaks loudly.”

“Okay, let’s stop here today. Tomorrow I have to get up early for a birthday party.”
“Don’t bother me, don’t call me anymore, let me be a scumbag in peace~”

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