A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 151

“I’ll get rid of you Nima!”
“Say you are fat and you are still breathing?” Han Feifei was speechless at the time, eyes full of black lines, thinking how her sister married such a strange flower back then.
I just used a rhetorical technique called irony, did he not understand it? Still that serious bullshit.
“Okay, don’t talk about such big talk anymore, just let people laugh.” Qiu Mucheng also stared at Ye Fan with displeased eyes.
It’s okay now, it’s just at Uncle’s house. If it’s outside, because of Ye Fan’s words, the two of them will be ridiculed and ridiculed.
Seeing this, Ye Fan also choked silently.
I still don’t believe the truth.
Yes, this young master just doesn’t want to reveal his identity?
Although someone in the Chu family already knew his whereabouts, even so, Ye Fan thought it would be better to keep a low profile.
The tree attracts the wind, and before he has a certain level of confidence, Ye Fan still doesn’t want to expose his identity too much, and I am afraid that there will be more trouble.
No one likes trouble, and so does Ye Fan. Remember to read in one second
However, when trouble came, Ye Fan was naturally not afraid.
“By the way, are you okay, Shengtian didn’t embarrass you, right?”
Because of the reason that Ye Fan deceived him before, Qiu Mucheng had planned that Ye Fan would come back and ignore the bastard, but when Ye Fan really appeared in front of her, Qiu Mucheng still couldn’t hide her worry and asked Ye Fan.
Ye Fan smiled, and a humble smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “Hey, I know, you still care about me.”
“You go! Can you be a little more formal?” Qiu Mucheng blushed slightly, but still scolded in a cold tone.
Han Feifei also showed expressions of disgust: “Don’t be narcissistic. Will my sister Qiu care about you?”
“Never look at yourself in the mirror!”
“If you want a family without a family, you want power without power, what are you doing to make my sister Qiu care?”
“My sister Qiu is at best out of courtesy, just to be polite with you.”
Han Feifei snorted, then turned off the TV and went to sleep in the room.
“Sister Qiu, it’s too late, so you should go to bed early. Do you have to go and wish your grandma a birthday tomorrow?”
“And Sister Qiu, you don’t have to be too grateful to Ye Fan. After three years of raising him for nothing, he helped us once, but it should be reasonable.”
“We don’t owe him anything.”
Han Feifei’s words were righteous, but he didn’t have any thanks to Ye Fan for helping them.
Before leaving, Han Feifei also solemnly warned Ye Fan.
“By the way, don’t think about taking advantage of my sister Qiu at night. The sofa is free for you. You sleep on the sofa.”
“Did you hear me?”
After speaking, Han Feifei went back to the room to rest in her pajamas.
Here, only Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng were left.
When Han Feifei left, Qiu Mucheng looked at Ye Fan and continued to ask: “Speak, you haven’t answered the question I asked you just now.”
“How on earth did you escape from aaebb212? You injured their people and Shengtian. They can’t easily let you go.”
Ye Fan sat on the sofa, poured himself a glass of water, and smiled faintly: “Yes. But then the police came, and in front of the police, they didn’t dare to embarrass me, so I took the opportunity to slip away. .”
Ye Fan said lightly, but Qiu Mucheng beside her had an inexplicable emotion in her heart.
He knew that although Ye Fan made it easy, the situation at the time was absolutely extremely dangerous.
After all, no one knows whether the police will arrive in time.
What if you are late?
What will happen to Ye Fan?
Qiu Mucheng couldn’t imagine it anymore.
“I won’t be able to do that in the future.” Qiu Mucheng looked at Ye Fan with a cold expression, but her words contained a majesty that couldn’t hold her beak, just like a command.
Ye Fan snorted, and then in Qiu Mucheng’s eyes, Ye Fan actually shook his head slowly.
Upon seeing this, Qiu Mucheng was immediately angry.
“Ye Fan, are you still so innocent?”
“I have to do it?”
“Do you really think that luck will be on your side every time?”
“The police arrived in time this time, but what if they didn’t come, or are they in a group with Shengtian?”

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