A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1529

“Come for me?”
“Lao San Lei asked you to come?”
Just when Ye Tian and others trembled, Ye Fan, who had been silent for a long time, put down his teacup in the courtyard.
He turned his head to look, and his indifferent voice sounded quietly.
Hearing this life, Gu Jiaxiang immediately looked around, and after seeing Ye Fan clearly, he was overjoyed.
“Mr. Chu, it turns out that you are here. I thought you were sitting in the hall?”
“However, who arranged this seat?”
“A group of tortoises sits high above the table, but makes you sit down, frozen outside?”
“Isn’t this a nonsense?”
Gu Jiaxiang’s voice was not small, and amidst the deep words, there was full of anger.
After everyone in the Ye family heard it, their expressions were undoubtedly ugly.
After all, what is the difference between Gu Jiaxiang’s words and cursing at the Ye family’s nose?
It was Mr. Ye, his old face was immediately ugly.
Ye Fan waved his hand: “I’m just a Ye family junior, so I naturally sit down.”
“Okay, stop talking about such nonsense.”
“What about Lei San, why didn’t he come?”
“I asked him to prepare something, can it be delivered?”
Ye Fan didn’t know this Gu Jiaxiang.
But after hearing his identity, Ye Fan guessed that this person must have come by Lei San’s order.
Sure enough, the facts are just as Ye Fan expected.
After hearing Ye Fan’s words, Gu Jiaxiang immediately replied respectfully: “Mr. Chu, San Ye asked me to tell you that he is escorting supplies and he will arrive soon.”
“In addition, San Ye also asked me to come over first and pay a new year to Mr. Chu and Lingtang.”
“Well, you guys are interested.” Ye Fan nodded, pouring tea while lowering his head, and said slowly, “My mother is in the hall. If you want to worship, you go.”
Seeing Ye Fan nodded, Gu Jiaxiang was immediately overjoyed, and Xuanyi turned his head and walked into the Yejia hall.
“President Gu, hurry up, sit inside!”
“You, such a big man, coming to the humble house, really make us panic~”
Seeing Gu Jiaxiang walking in, Ye Fan’s grandma stood up to greet him and smiled enthusiastically.
However, Gu Jiaxiang didn’t pay attention to the old woman at all, and he reached out and moved the old woman who was in the way to the side.
After he looked around, he quickly targeted one of the women with excellent temperament.
Stepping forward, respectfully said: “You should be Mr. Ye Fanye’s mother, right?”
Ye Ximei was taken aback for a moment: “Do you know me?”
Gu Jiaxiang shook his head: “Although I don’t know you, I think Mr. Ye is majestic, and her mother must also be a noble and graceful person.”
“I see the house all over, but there are only four women.”
“That old lady and this beautiful woman are not the same age, they must not be.”
“As for the woman next to you, she has a plain temperament and a rough face, so she is naturally not worthy of being Mr. Ye’s mother.”
“Only you, age, temperament, and appearance are worthy of the identity of Mr. Ye’s mother.”
Gu Jiaxiang talks freely, his language is gentle, and his speech is even more polite, and he is worthy of being a person of high position for a long time.
But Gu Jiaxiang’s words made Ye Xilan next to him anxious.
Ye Xilan exploded at that time.
“What do you mean?”
“You say I have a mediocre temperament? You say I have a rough face? You say I don’t deserve to be Ye Fan’s mother?”
“It’s really interesting~”
“Do you know that my sons and daughters are all the top students in the county’s college entrance examination and are recommended to Yanjing University.”
“You are still here to belittle me?”
“You really have no eyes!”
Ye Xilan laughed in anger and sneered at Gu Jiaxiang.
However, Gu Jiaxiang shook his head and chuckles.
“No. 1 in the college entrance examination? Recommend to Yan University?”
“Is it amazing?”
“In Lei Shi Group alone, there are no fewer than ten graduates from China’s top prestigious schools that are dismissed every year!”
“Also, don’t you say the county’s college entrance examination champion? He was once the provincial champion in Jiangdong Province, but now it’s just an employee of mine.”

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