A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1599

“What, teacher, do you want to go in person?”
“Is he a little too flattering.”
“You are my Japanese sword god, even if this young Ye Fan becomes famous, he is absolutely not qualified to let you do it yourself.”
“It will definitely affect your statement in the world martial arts world.”
Hearing that teacher Mochizuki said he wanted to go to China in person, Haruhi Yingyue was shocked at the young master Ye Fan, and then volunteered.
“Teacher, let me go.”
“Yue’er studied sword at the age of five and has been following you for twelve years now.”
“Compared with the teacher, swordsmanship is still far behind.”
“But it must be enough to deal with Ye Fan.”
“So teacher, this time, let Yue’er go. Give Yue’er a chance to repay Shien.”
Haruhi Yingyue said softly.
However, Mochizuki River shook his head.
“You will not be his opponent.”
“Especially this person, if you really master Yundao Tianjue, if you go, the result will only be the same as your two senior brothers.”
“What’s more, I’m going to China, not just for the sake of a young child, but also to settle an old grievance.”
Mochizuki said in a deep voice.
But Haruhi Yingyue, a bit of dissatisfaction appeared in his heart.
She was born in a martial arts family, and her family has been the pillar country powerhouse of Japan for generations. And she, too, thinks she is talented and intelligent. She is already the leader of the disciples of the Sword God Palace in both swordsmanship and strength.
Now, hearing my teacher boast of a person of his own age, Haruong Yingyue, who has always been arrogant, naturally feels dissatisfied.
The more so, Haruong Yingyue wanted to see Ye Fan, the young master of China.
“Since the teacher has decided, Yue’er won’t say much.”
“But I implore the teacher, take Yue’er with you!”
Haruhi Yingyue asked again.
Mochizuki River did not refuse this time, and nodded: “Since you want to go, then follow me.”
“Reading ten thousand books is worse than traveling ten thousand miles.”
“You have practiced with me for many years, and you should also go out and take a look at the vast world outside.”
Mochizuki’s words immediately made Haruhi Yingyue overjoyed and thanked him again and again: “Thank you, teacher.”
“Then teacher, when shall we leave?”
“I’m going to prepare.”
“You don’t need to prepare, set off now!” Mochizuki said in a deep voice, “But before leaving, I will show you the true power of Qingmu Sword Art.”
“Could it be that the teacher has fully understood the last move of the Green Wood Sword Art?” Hearing Mochizuki’s words, Haruhi Yingyue was suddenly startled, and her beautiful eyes were full of surprise.
Mochizuki said with a smile, but slowly got up, holding the long sword in his hand.
The muddy old eyes became increasingly cold.
That cold look is like a generation of swordsmen, about to kill with swords.
Haruhi Yingyue immediately held her breath, nervous and excited, looking forward to the next scene.
Qingmu Jianjue, known as the first swordsmanship in Japan.
The man who pioneered this sword art in the past was even the number one powerhouse in Japan.
But it is a pity that after the fall of the Qingmu ancestor, no one can fully practice the Qingmu Sword Art, which has almost been lost for a hundred years.
It wasn’t until Mochizuki River appeared that this sword art was able to bloom again.
However, for decades, Mochizuki River has been trapped in the last move of the Qingmu Jianjue, which is difficult to practice. Now, after several years of hard work, I finally got a breakthrough!
Naturally, Haruhi Yingyue looked forward to how powerful the Japanese first swordsmanship was?

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