A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 161

In the eyes of Mrs. Han, Ye Fan was originally a person with a foreign surname, and also a despised son-in-law. And Han Yue, but her biological daughter, not to mention, Han Yue’s son-in-law is the young master of the Mo family.
Jingzhou Mo’s family, that is a big family, whether it is business or politics, they have a lot of connections.
In the future, whether his grandson Han He’s career can be promoted, maybe he has to count on Han Yue’s son-in-law.
Therefore, in today’s situation, Mrs. Han naturally wants to protect Han Yue.
Whether Ye Fan’s words are true or not, Mrs. Han will not make her daughter embarrassed.
As for his niece and son-in-law, he is just a hillbilly who has no ability and background. How could the old lady Han care about his dignity.
Ye Fan is not a fool. From the time when the old lady Han spoke, Ye Fan had already felt like a mirror and saw everything.
He didn’t argue any more, and he didn’t need to say anything. He just looked at the old lady Han and smiled: “Grandma, you really know how close you are. Son-in-law, admire!”
Admiring the two words, Ye Fan bit it very hard.
“How dare you talk to the old lady with this attitude?” The first website m.
“Qiu Mucheng, look at the good husband you marry, and the good man you are looking for, it’s not big or small!”
Han Hai suddenly became even more angry and scolded again.
At this moment, Qiu Mucheng was standing there, her face pale, her pretty face drooping, she hardly dared to look at everyone’s eyes.
Ye Fan walked over, looked at Qiu Mucheng, and laughed at himself: “Mucheng, maybe I really shouldn’t have come today.”
“Sorry, let you be humiliated again because of me.”
“I still don’t stay here.”
“You can celebrate your grandma’s birthday with peace of mind. No matter what, she will be your grandma after all.”
No one felt what kind of emotion Ye Fan had in his deep words.
After that, he stopped staying, looked back at Han Yue and others who were gloating and smiling, then turned and walked outside Han’s house.
“Good going!”
“This kind of person is not worthy of entering the door of my Han family.” Han Yue sneered.
Han Hai also snorted coldly, and then looked at Qiu Mucheng: “Mucheng, now you should give up on him. After the birthday banquet, divorce him. Uncle will find you a better home.”
The old lady Han also nodded: “Mucheng, listen to your uncle. Your uncle will not harm you.”
“This Ye Fan, he is not good enough for you, let alone my granddaughter of the Han family.”
The Han family were talking, and they all belittle Ye Fan.
Ye Fan didn’t speak, just walked. No one knew how lonely Ye Fan’s back was at this moment.
And Qiu Mucheng had been standing there quietly, listening to the footsteps of Ye Fan’s departure and the reprimands of the Han family, but she was silent.
However, for a moment, Qiu Mucheng quietly raised her head, and then in the panic of everyone’s eyes, she saw the most beautiful girl in the Han family, quietly turning around, her slender jade arms, she just grasped like this Ye Fan’s hand was lost.
Ye Fan was stunned and looked back at Qiu Mucheng’s red eyes.
“Ye Fan, I didn’t let you go, you were not allowed to go!”
Beifang bit her red lips, but Qiu Mucheng shouted at Ye Fan.
Under this circumstance, no one knew how much pressure Qiu Mucheng would face and how much courage Qiu Mucheng had to say these words.
Later, Qiu Mucheng stubbornly raised her head to look at her grandmother and Han Hai and others: “Grandma, it was Ye Fan who collided with my aunt just now. I apologized to my aunt on his behalf, just like my grandma. But Ye Fan is to accompany him today. I will come together to congratulate grandma on birthday, if grandma insists on driving him away, then Mucheng will have to accompany him.”
Qiu Mucheng’s words were firm, but loudly.
When the old lady Han heard this, she trembled with anger: “Mucheng, are you threatening grandma?”

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