A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1621

The words are sonorous, just like the stone falling to the ground, but it is in the whole hall, reverberating.
When Qin Fei said this, everyone felt a strong wind swept away.
When I lowered my head and looked again, I found that the floor under Qin Fei’s feet was already full of cracks and crumbled every inch.
“Stable, with Mr. Qin here, we Jiangdong, stable~”
In the hall, someone called out excitedly.
Have these people here ever seen such a scene?
Now that Qin Fei can break the floor with one foot, I naturally feel that Qin Fei in front of him is an expert.
But Chen Ao’s eyes twitched unconsciously.
Because he looked at Qin Fei, who was pretending to be arrogant at this time, as if he had seen boxing champion Holden who had died tragically in the Shengtian restaurant in Jianghai City.
After half an hour, Qin Fei followed Wang Jiexi back.
All the people discussing in the hall also quickly dispersed.
Here, only Lei Laosan, Chen Ao, and Li Er were left.
Chen Ao looked at the direction where Wang Jiexi and others were leaving, and then said in a deep voice, “Li Er, the third child, do you really think that Qin Fei is reliable?”
“The Mochizuki River, but a god who can break mountains and rivers with one sword!”
“Mr. Chu is very likely because he is afraid of the power of the sword saint and dare not show up.”
“This Wang Jiexi’s nephew can really have such great ability?”
“Do you really believe what he just said?”
Chen Aoxin was suspicious and couldn’t help asking.
When Li Er heard the sound, he was helplessly paralyzed: “Chen, it is not a question of whether we believe it or not, but we have no choice.”
“Otherwise, do you have a better candidate?”
Li Er asked in a deep voice.
Chen Ao was silent immediately.
Li Er was right, no matter whether this Qin Fei was really capable of dealing with Mochizuki River, he could stand up at this time, it was already commendable.
When Qin Fei and Wang Jiexi returned to their home in Haozhou, it was already dark.
After a simple meal, Wang Jiexi called Qin Fei into the study.
“Xiao Fei, you are so confident that you can deal with Mochizuki River?”
Everyone is not stupid.
This Mochizuki River broke his wrist with Ye Qingtian thirty years ago, and the martial arts world has been famous for a long time.
As for Qin Fei, although he was a famous teacher, he was an unknown person after all.
Even Wang Jiexi is undoubtedly a little worried.
Qin Fei smiled casually: “Uncle, don’t worry.”
“This time, since I dared to take the initiative to ask for it, naturally I have full confidence!”
“Even if my He Wangquan can’t deal with him, I have other means to take his life.”
“Then Mochizuki, he was better when he was young, but he is now old after all.”
“An old immortal, I, Qin Fei, is a man of manhood, a disciple of a master, can’t I still deal with him?”
“Uncle, wait until that day, look at your nephew, and try to turn the tide!”
“When I behead the sword god that day, I will climb to the top of Jiangdong in one fell swoop and replace Mr. Chu!”
“At that time, this Jiangdong’s top wealthy family will no longer be the Yunzhou Li family, nor the Jianghai Chen family and the Lei family, but the Wang family of Haozhou!”

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