A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1634

“No way, I’m laughing so hard~”
Sure enough, after a brief silence, the martial arts people from all over the world watching the battle on the shore of Dongchang Lake almost laughed.
When people turned their backs on their backs, tears were almost streaming out.
Obviously, after the first battle, the whole Jiangdong was reduced to a joke in the eyes of everyone.
“Just wait for idiots, do you also regard them as the honor of Jiangdong?”
“Then you guys, I’m afraid that even idiots are worse.”
Susie couldn’t hold back at this time, and she laughed directly.
At the Jiangdong crowd in front of him, they laughed wantonly.
There is no doubt that there is no more voice for the people who have been showing off against Susie just now.
Especially the bald-headed man who was just called the happiest, his old face was ugly, and his heart was embarrassed.
In fact, this bald man is also worthless.
Smelly feet held it for a long time, who would have thought it was just a shame!
Now that Susie pointed to her nose to taunt, the bald man had a dying heart.
“Wang Jiexi, I will fuck your mother’s leg!”
“Is this the merchandise you invited?”
“A fool who succeeds less than fails.”
“No wonder Mr. Chu doesn’t wait to see you.”
“You shameless pen, if I were Mr. Chu, I would have killed you long ago!”
“Just because of your good nephew, our Jiangdong’s face has been lost!”
Under the embarrassment, Li Er and others had to vent all their anger on Wang Jiexi.
Kick him to death!
If that Qin Fei could block Mochizuki River with a move, their Jiangdong folks would not be so embarrassed.
“I knew that, why not let that idiot come out?”
“Is it useful for farts? Guangte is ashamed of us!”
Lei San also cursed secretly with a dark face.
After all, in the previous battle, it was not only Jiang Dong’s face that was lost, but also the faces of their Jiangdong bigwigs.
After making such a big joke, how will they behave when they leave Jiangdong in the future?
However, facing the accusations and scolding from everyone, Wang Jiexi endured the pain of bereavement in his heart, and even retorted: “Yes, I admit that my nephew, Xiaofei, is inferior to humans.”
“However, no matter how bad Xiao Fei is, at least he has the courage to fight.”
“His living hero, deadly heroic!”
“It’s better than being afraid of being a tortoise, right?”
Wang Jiexi intended to point, and said coldly.
While Li Er and the others were arguing endlessly, on Dongchang Lake, Haruhi Yingyue smiled and congratulated: “Congratulations, teacher, win the victory, behead another strong in China!”
Mochizuki River shook his head: “It’s just an ant rat generation, kill him, I think my hands are dirty.”
“I haven’t come for thirty years. I didn’t expect that Huaxia Martial Arts will become more and more unbearable.”
“Clean out these, good-looking wastes.”
Mochizuki River said contemptuously.
After that, he turned his head and looked at Xu Lei again: “Miss Xu, since this rat generation is dead, it’s time for you next.”
“I said, if he doesn’t come, you will die for him.”
“To blame, blame you for not being human?”
Looking at the corner of Mochizuki River’s mouth, a chill immediately appeared in his old eyes.
However, just when Mochizuki River was about to kill Xu Lei, the change happened again.
“Bold fanatic, the woman of my dragon lord, do you dare to touch?!!”
A low and angry shout, quietly spread from the world ahead.

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