A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1655

“Mr. Xie Chu, save me Jiangdong~”
On the shore of Dongchang Lake, all the powerful and powerful in Jiangdong greeted them together.
The voices one after another, like waves, swept the sky.
Even the water of Dongchang Lake caused countless waves under the worship of everyone.
Facing everyone’s worship, Ye Fan stood proudly.
There is majesty on the delicate face. Let people not dare to look at them.
Chu Wenfei at this moment was undoubtedly scared to death.
Only now did Chu Wenfei understand what kind of power and prestige Ye Fan has in this Jiangdong?
It was also after this battle that Chu Wenfei only knew how small he was compared to Ye Fan?
His monstrous power, his supreme power, any of them, made Chu Wenfei despair!
Before, Chu Wenfei was thinking about catching up with Ye Fan in the future, but now it seems that even if he is in his entire life, Chu Wenfei is hard to beat!
This man is destined to be an insurmountable mountain in his life.
In the past, when he was the son-in-law of the Qiu family, Chu Wenfei was always curious. Why was Ye Fan a poor son-in-law and a poor boy in the countryside?
Disrespect him, Chu Wenfei, and did not fear Old Man Qiu, as if no one could catch him.
At that time, both Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying felt that Ye Fan was idiotic and arrogant.
Now, he just understood.
This is not arrogance, because he Ye Fan has the ability to match his arrogance.
When Chu Wenfei was full of fear and loss, He Yurou, who was on the side, was also stunned and lost for a long time.
She looked up at the admired young man, and there was endless splendor in her beautiful eyes.
“Is this the majesty of Mr. Chu?”
“Really, so dazzling.”
“Like the sun, it has attracted everyone’s attention and is brilliant~”
He Yurou lost consciousness for a long time.
Maybe she didn’t even notice, her gradual rapid breathing, and the deer’s heartbeat.
Above Pinghu, Ye Fan stood proudly.
He ignored the worship of the people, but turned around, his icy gaze swept across the world and all the beings.
In the end, it fell on the person of Mochizuki River, Liang Palace Yingyue.
At this time, Liang Palace Yingyue had a pale face and no blood.
She looked at Ye Fan’s gaze, there was no longer the contempt and disdain she had before, and some, only panic and trembling remained.
In that way, it was like a peacock whose most beautiful wings were chopped off by Ye Fan.
With the fall of Mochizuki River, the greatest pride in Liang Palace Yingyue’s heart was undoubtedly shattered by Ye Fan!
Facing Ye Fan’s gaze, she didn’t even have the courage to look directly at it. With a pretty face drooping, three thousand green silks gently fluttered in the wind and snow, and her stunning body trembled in the wind.
“Kneel down!”
After a long period of calm, Ye Fan suddenly let out a low drink.
The majestic power swept through, blowing up three thousand winds and snow, and also blowing up the gorgeous long skirt of Haruhi Yingyue.
In the end, under Ye Fan’s power, Haruong Yingyue’s line of defense was finally defeated.
The snow-white pretty face was panic.
The disciple of the sword god, the stunning girl, just like that, knelt down to Ye Fan.
However, just as Haruhi Yingyue surrendered, suddenly, only a rustling voice was heard.
Afterwards, everyone saw that a pair of bloody hands stretched out from among the ruins beside Dongchang Lake.
“Could it be that Mochizuki River is not dead yet?”

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