A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 171

“Chen Haisheng, young master of Jingzhou Ninetowns Holdings, wished Mrs. Han a birthday, and gave the old lady a golden nanmu crutch, and wish the old lady a good fortune!”
“Liu Zhaoran, general manager of Jingzhou Donghua Industrial, wished Mr. Han his birthday and gave the old lady Lan Tian Yutao a pair, and wish the old lady a long life!”
“Lei Aoting, the prince of the Lei family of Jingzhou, the youngest head of the Lei Group, gave the old lady a platinum tea set. I wish the old lady a better life than Nanshan!
Hearty laughter suddenly sounded from the door of the house.
I saw a group of several people, all dressed in bright, glorious faces, walking towards the hall with a smile.
The people in front of them were all young people in their twenties, but each of them was dressed in brand-name clothing, obviously all rich and wealthy. After holding a gift, they moved forward proudly in the panic of the crowd.
“Golden nanmu crutch?”
“How much does that cost!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Tens of thousands, right?”
Everyone was shocked, knowing that the golden nanmu is definitely the king of the wood, and the top golden nanmu is millions of tons.
“That Shou Tao is amazing, it’s all made of jade!”
“Wori, as well as the tea set, not only the workmanship is exquisite, the material is still platinum!”
“This 7a33f310 costs hundreds of thousands, right?”
“What’s this? Whose guest are these?”
The people around are already boiling.
Even if Mrs. Han heard these precious gifts, she was panicked.
Han Hai and his son trembled even more.
A birthday gift gives such a precious birthday gift. This not only means that these people are all rich and wealthy, but also that they value the birthday banquet.
But, who is it for, hesitate to give gifts?
The heart of Mrs. Han and the others was very trembling. They had never heard the names of these people. Now that people give such a big gift all at once, Mrs. Han dared not accept it.
“Grandma, my friend is here to celebrate your birthday, why don’t you say something?”
When everyone was shaking, Mo Wenxuan, who had been silent for a long time, quietly got up and stood up in his seat.
“Wen…Wen Xuan, these people, are your guests?” Han Hai asked in surprise.
Mo Wenxuan smiled, “Otherwise?”
“People present, so my Mo family has such prestige in Jingzhou, who else can there be?”
“Does Uncle still think that these people are not coming to Ye Fan?”
Mo Wenxuan stood with his hand in his hand, smiling proudly. In the deep words, there is pride and arrogance.
While speaking, Mo Wenxuan ignored Han Hai’s trembling eyes and the panic eyes of everyone. She turned around and reached out to Han Yu: “Go, wife, accompany Ben Shao, to meet the distinguished guests.”
Mo Wenxuan at this time, feeling the envy and shaking eyes of everyone, is undoubtedly energetic.
“it is good!”
And Han Yu was also full of joy and pride. She stood up like a princess in her long dress, and grabbed Mo Wenxuan’s hand. The couple stepped out like this, welcoming Lei Aoting, Chen Yusheng and others from Jing. State guest.
When seeing Lei Aoting and others talking and laughing with Mo Wenxuan and his wife, walking in the direction of the old lady Han, the neighbors and villagers around them were all shaking.
“I go!”
“It turned out to be for Han Yue’s son-in-law?”
“Then Donghua Industrial is the largest real estate company in Jingzhou.”
“Then Jiucheng Holdings is also awesome. One of Jiangdong’s earliest listed companies has a market value of hundreds of billions at its peak.”
“What’s more awesome is that Lei Aoting, the son of Lei Sanye, the tycoon of Jingzhou. Sanye Lei, but the god of Jingzhou, this Lei Aoting is like the prince of Jingzhou!”
“I didn’t expect that the daughter of Han Yue’s family would marry this awesome husband, and even the prince of Jingzhou would come to join him!”
“I have gone, this Han family, there is a real dragon!”
“Mrs. Han, I have a good grandson-in-law!”

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