A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1749

“Today, the Dragon Lord will be here to deal with you and clear the door.”
“Longyan King, can you take it?”
Ye Fan talked angrily.
An arrogant voice, eyes full of chill.
Senran murmured angrily, trembling in all directions.
As long as the stone fell to the ground, Ye Fan’s rage echoed everywhere in his ears.
Under Ye Fan’s questioning, Iwai Chan’s face was pale and panic.
The whole body was shaking.
Every word and sentence of Ye Fan just now seemed to be deeply inserted into Iwai Zen’s heart like a knife.
It may be ashamed, or it may be guilt.
Facing Ye Fan’s anger, Iwai Zen’s old face was pale and speechless.
He bowed his head and knelt there, unable to say a word for a long time.
Ye Fan was undoubtedly even more angry when he saw this.
He walked over and kicked Iwai Zen on the face.
Just listened to a bang, skin and flesh spattered.
Iwai Zen was kicked on the ground by Ye Fan in this way, and his old face wiped the ground for half a meter, even if the red blood spilled out, it was full of face.
When everyone saw this, they were undoubtedly more frightened.
Before that, they couldn’t imagine that the president of the dignified triad consortium was beaten up by a Chinese teenager.
What is even more incredible is that, facing Ye Fan’s violent beating, Iwai Zen was so scared that he didn’t dare to say nonsense.
“Dare to do or not to be regarded as?”
“Now you don’t even have the courage to admit it?”
“It can only be said that I was really blind at the beginning, and let you as a cowardly trash take control of half of the Japanese power.”
“I’ll ask you again, today the dragon master cleans up the door, and he is in your hands. Can you accept it?”
Ye Fan talked angrily.
He was expressionless, his eyes were cold.
Asked several times, just like a sword, sweeping out.
Under Ye Fan’s anger, there was a sudden gust of wind in the world.
Everyone looked at the scene with trepidation. Under Ye Fan’s majesty, these influential dignitaries were scared to say a word.
Only panic and horror remained in his heart.
However, who can understand the anger in Ye Fan’s heart at this moment.
He can betray or disobey.
After all, people are born and no one wants to be.
This Iwai Zen wanted to rebel and stand on his own, at least this courage and courage, let Ye Fan appreciate.
But Ye Fan couldn’t bear that Iwai Zen was like a bullshit, and he didn’t dare to talk nonsense.
He couldn’t accept it, he would be blind enough to entrust such a useless task.
Ye Fan, who was furious, kicked over again.
This time, after rolling on the ground several times, Iwai Zen finally gritted his teeth and stood up.
He looked at Ye Fan with a mouth full of blood, and smiled loudly.
“it is good!”
“Dragon Lord, don’t you want me to say it?”
“I say!”
“You are right. I, Iwai Zen can be there today. It is the dragon lord’s gift.”
“From the moment I couldn’t resist the Dragon God Order, I knew it would end today.”
“I am Iwai Zen convicted.”
“Dragon Lord, you want to kill me and clean up the door, I will also accept it.”
“I am convinced!”
“I know, I can’t beat you.”
“If you send someone to deal with me, I might still have some chance of winning.”
“But Dragon Lord, you come to Japan and clean up the door. I know that I, Iwai Zen, will definitely die today.”
“But Dragon Lord, don’t you want to know, why would I betray you?”
“Why, am I turning a blind eye to the Dragon God’s edict?”
Iwai Chan’s eyes were full of stern eyes, and there was a trace of sadness and tragic in the hoarse laughter.

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