A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1798

“Let’s go ahead. All the martial arts experts in Kyoto City will follow me to the summit of Mount Fuji seven days later, kneel down to the moon and read the gods!”
Excited and respected words echoed everywhere.
Similar scenes appeared everywhere in Japan.
The warriors everywhere trembled and excited.
Some people even drove to Dongjing that night, booked a hotel, and guarded the foot of Mount Fuji in advance.
Moreover, not only Japan, but also a warrior forum on the Internet, there are related posts.
“Breaking news, the first day of May, the Japanese gods and gods read, after a thousand years, rebirth from the ashes!”
Once this post appeared, it was like a nuclear explosion, and the entire martial arts world was boiling.
“Moonreading God?”
“Could it be the guardian goddess of Japanese myths and legends, Moon God?”
“How strong is that?”
“It is estimated that Martial Arts has entered the realm of God, right?”
“Divine Realm?”
“What is God Realm?”
“Could it be that above the titled master, there is still a realm that is not achieved?”
On the Martial Arts Forum, netizens from all walks of life undoubtedly exploded, and they rushed to talk about the Sun, the Moon, and the Gods.
Among them, there are even more people who speak surprisingly, saying the existence of “the realm of God”.
“Martial arts practice starts from the beginning, to the innate, then to the state of trance and transformation, to the state of establishing a school and becoming a master.”
“These realms are known to all warriors of my generation.”
“For a long time, everyone thought that the top of martial arts is the titled master.”
“But, above the title, is there really no stronger realm?”
“of course not!”
“There was a record in ancient books.”
“In the Orient, there are rainbows like dragons.”
“Step into the sky, stand in the void, fly into the sky and escape the sea, transcending into the sacred.”
“It’s God Realm!”
“This is the earliest record of the gods in ancient martial arts books.”
“I thought I would only see it in books in this life.”
“Now, I didn’t expect that there really is a realm of God, appearing?”

In the forum, all kinds of posts have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain.
Without exception, it is all about the discussion of the Japanese God Moon Reading.
It is estimated that Haruhi Yingyue never thought that she, who was once so small and so insignificant, would one day cause an uproar in the entire world.
China, the Temple of Martial Arts.
In the hall, the God of War, the God of Sword, and the King of Fighters were all present.
However, compared with before, there was one more person in the hall at this time, and that was the Vast Sky Grandmaster, Tang Hao who had been practicing in retreat before!
Compared with the Juggernaut and others, Tang Hao is unshabby, with messy hair and unshaven beard, and his whole person is slightly sloppy.
However, anyone who knew Tang Hao would never underestimate him because of his appearance.
On the contrary, the more such an unseemly person, the more terrifying.
Yes, Tang Hao’s strength is among the six pillar nations, even if it is not the first two, it is also the first three.
In terms of strength, the Juggernaut and the King of Fighters are both below.
Among the four people present, Ye Qingtian was able to stabilize him.
“I didn’t expect that Yuereading Tianjin would be alive?”
“You said, his strength is really in the divine realm?” In the hall, the sword master’s low voice echoed, and his anger was slightly suppressed.
Japan and China are neighboring countries.
Nowadays, among neighboring countries, if there are strong gods, the balance of martial arts in the region will undoubtedly be broken.
This will inevitably threaten the leadership of China Budo in East Asia.

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