A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1804

For a long time, Qianchi Jing thought that in Japan, the six major consortia were in absolute dominance.
But today, Qian Chijing did not expect that a call from the Sword God Palace would cause all the six consortiums to be dispatched.
Moreover, just serve as the guardian.
This had to make Qian Chi Jing feel puzzled.
Hearing Qian Chi Jing’s question, her grandfather Miyamoto’s intermediary did not speak, but Iwai Zen on the side bowed slightly and replied respectfully.
“President, not long after you took over as the Sanhe Consortium, you still have very few contacts and not enough knowledge.”
“You don’t understand, it’s normal.”
“In fact, this world is huge, much bigger than you think!”
“In the secular world, our six major consortia, including Sanhe and Mitsubishi, do indeed rule the entire country of Japan.”
“When it comes to power and wealth, the six major consortia are indeed at the top, no one can match!”
“But President, although we have control over wealth and power, we have no control over power.”
“In this world, the strong is respected.”
“Only those with power can truly control everything!”
“In the face of power, wealth and power are all vain, and they exist depending on power.”
“The Sword God Palace is the highest authority in the Japanese country to control power!”
“As long as they are willing, the wealth and power that we are proud of are actually at their fingertips.”
“Now, you should be able to understand why the six major consortia dare not disobey the majesty of the Sword God Palace.”
Iwai Zen said in a deep voice, explaining to Qian Chijing patiently.
After all, Qianchijing is just a young girl who has not been deeply involved in the world, and she does not know the depth of the rivers and lakes, but it is normal.
He hadn’t planned to explain clearly to Qian Chijing in just a few words.
However, to Iwai Chan’s surprise, Qian Chi Jing nodded and said, “Well, I can understand.”
“It’s like Mr. Chu alone, but the triad consortium that overwhelms the enemy’s wealth and bows to its head!”
“It’s because, Mr. Chu, he has mastered power.”
“My analogy, right?”
Qianchi said with a smile.
Iwai Zen and Intermediary Miyamoto were stunned, and finally both nodded: “Well, almost.”
“By the way, you said, is Mr. Chu still in Dongjing?”
“In the future, can we see him again?”
Speaking of Ye Fan, before Qian Chijing’s eyes, the tall and tall figure once again appeared.
Time gradually passed.
Warriors from all over Japan began to climb the mountain one after another.
Today is the day when the Moon Reading God returns.
They, as the people of the Moon God, should go to the top of Mount Fuji to kneel and welcome the moon to read that the God of Heaven will return to the world.
As the flow of people gathered, this mountain immediately became noisy.
Mount Fuji is one of Japan’s Three Spiritual Mountains, also known as “Furong Peak” or “Fuji Mountain” and “Fuji’s High Ridge”.
This magnificent peak that has spanned the Japanese mainland for thousands of years is like the moon reading god. I don’t know how many legends and myths are entrusted. It has long been one of the classic symbols of Japanese spirit and culture.
The top of Mount Fuji is covered with snow all the year round.
Thousands of people gather where you can see the cold wind and the white snow!
Everyone is like the most devout believer, the most loyal courtier, kneeling down on the top of Mount Fuji and among the snow.
Under the sky, everyone saw a stunning girl standing there.

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