A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 182

“You two bastards, are you trying to kill our Han fc8281f0 family?”
“If my son’s career is damaged, what will you pay for it?”
Han Hai was also shivering with anger, and yelled at Ye Fan and his wife with red eyes.
I can’t wait to kick Ye Fan to death.
“What else do you guys have to say?”
“Jiangdong Chen Ao, that’s the king of Jiangdong, Jiang Hai’s leader. It can determine your brother’s career, and more importantly, your uncle’s business. It can even determine the rise and fall of your sister’s family in Jingzhou.”
“These big people, it’s too late for us to flatter, do you dare to provoke?”
“Do you know that if you provoke these people, a word of him can interrupt your brother’s official career, make your uncle nowhere to stand, and make it difficult for my Han family to move in Jianghai.”
“This consequence can you bear?”
The old lady Han was even more angry, patted the table and yelled at Ye Fan and his wife.
Han Yu also cursed viciously at this time: “Married to such an ignorant idiot, Qiu Mucheng, do you know how much disaster you have brought us. Aoye Jiangdong, how many years my husband’s family has been cheating, and because of you? The stupidity of the waste husband is likely to ruin our family’s efforts for many years!” First website m.
“Don’t kneel down and apologize to my family?!” Han Yu scolded angrily.
“Yes, kneel down and apologize!”
“I’ll go to Ao Ye personally again later~”
“Beast, don’t kneel down yet!”
At this moment, everyone in the Han family was yelling at them. They didn’t ask why, didn’t ask what happened, just listened to others, and directly asked Ye Fan and his wife to kneel and apologize.
Facing what Qianfu pointed out, Qiu Mucheng’s brows and eyes were red, and tears were left behind.
But Ye Fan was expressionless and silent, standing so calmly.
At this time, Ye Fan and his wife were lonely, like abandoned children in the world.
However, no one knew that the waves in Ye Fan’s heart were ups and downs at this time.
“I see who would dare to make my Brother Fan kneel?”
At this moment, a shout came quietly, and the Han family only saw Chen Jiuyi and others who were drinking tea in the yard.
“You are a guest, and now you are here, our Han family replaced them with courtesy.”
“But the recent incident is my Han family’s affairs. You are all outsiders, so I hope you don’t interfere!” Seeing these people rushing in, the old lady Han frowned and said coldly.
However, Shen Jiuyi sneered and stepped out: “I don’t care about family affairs or family affairs, who insults Mr. Chu. I, the head of the Shen family in Yunzhou, Shen Jiuyi, is the first one to not agree!”
As if a single stone caused a thousand waves, as Shen Jiuyi’s words fell, Chen Qingquan, Liu Biao and others all stepped out, shouting loudly.
“Song Shide, the Song Family of Haozhou, didn’t agree!”
“Jingzhou Chen Family Chen Qingquan~”
“Liu Biao, the head of the Liu family, refused to agree!”
For a time, all the guests in the room stood up, but they all stood upright Ye Fan. Facing the Han family, he didn’t let it go.
“Good, good~”
“Ye Fan, Qiu Mucheng, the wings of the two of you are really hard, and in front of your grandma, you have such great power.” The old lady Han smiled back, shivering, her face extremely blue. Being smashed by someone like this, the old lady Han was so angry that she was so angry.
“However, Shen Jiuyi, Chen Qingquan, measure your family wealth, and you are the richest one. But Ye Fan has caused a terrible disaster, and you alone cannot keep Ye Fan!”
“What about me?!!!”
At this moment, a loud voice quietly sounded in the hall.
Immediately afterwards, everyone saw an old man with a central bald head, a suit, a majestic face, and two bodyguards, walking with his head high. Seeing Ye Fan, the old man bowed down.
“Mr. Chu, the second child is late.”
Afterwards, the old man bowed to Qiu Mucheng, who was aside: “Madam, Yunzhou Li Er, on behalf of the Yunzhou fellows, celebrates the birthday of the lady. I wish Mrs. Chu and Mrs. Chu, the fragrance will be born every night, and the birth of an early son!
Hearing this, the next moment, the audience was silent.
The whole hall is silent!
Everyone in the Han family was even more sluggish on the spot.
The old lady’s old eyes widened in an instant.
Yunzhou Li Er?
The leader of Yunzhou?
The top dignitaries in Yunzhou in charge of a prefecture-level city are as famous as Lei San Ye in Jingzhou.
Yunzhou, Li… Li Erye?
my God!
He… why did he come? !

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