A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1828

You know, before that, there were only four titled masters in Japan.
But now, Suzuo Mingzun is dead.
If Mochizuki River and Ishino Dragon fell again, their Japanese martial arts, in the future in the world martial arts, would be completely reduced to second-rate forces.
Soon, the people who were still alive began to dig soil and rocks, and began to dig the corpse of Wangyuehe in the ruins.
With the passage of time, the battle on Mount Fuji finally began to ferment.
At first, it only spread in Japan.
But soon, it spread to East Asia, South Asia, and even Western Europe, and finally the martial arts of various countries on the American continent, and everyone knew this time.
This battle, like a twelfth-level gust of wind, swept across the martial arts world in a frenzy.
Until the end, the world knows!
“My God!”
“Have you heard?”
“The Japanese martial art has suffered a disaster.”
“A Chinese grandmaster, with his own power, collapsed the whole country of Japan?”
“The two titles are all dead!”
“The Eight Great Masters, there are no bones left.”
“The Sanshen Pavilion and the Sword God Palace were all blown up by them.”
“The Japanese sword god Mochizuki River, is it still buried in the mountains and not dug out?”
“real or fake!”
“Who, so awesome!”
“Could it be the God of War, Ye Qingtian gone?”
“No, it’s a person named Chu Tianfan!”
“It is said that he is only a teenager in his early twenties.”
“You mean, a young man, with his own power, broke the whole country of Japan?”
“Shall I go to Nima?”
“It’s nonsense!”
“Twenty-year-old boy?”
“Te mother, is I still a virgin at this age who has never played with a woman?”
“How is this possible?”

There was an uproar all over the world.
The world is terrifying!
Teahouses and restaurants everywhere, wherever the sun and the moon, where the warriors gather, are almost talking about this.
Just like the detonation of a nuclear bomb, Ye Fan’s killing of several powerful Japanese people undoubtedly set off a huge wave in the world of martial arts!
South Asia, India.
As the highest authority in the Indian martial arts, the Buddha Palace has governed the Indian martial arts for thousands of years.
It is said that thousands of years ago, India gave birth to the first titled master, named Foluo, who was exalted as King Foluo, and established the Foluo Palace!
Since then, in order to express the respect and remembrance of the first-generation titled master, every master of the Buddha Palace has the title, King Buddha!
At this time, in the hall, there was a man with a robe sitting majestic.
Under his feet, there are people who are reporting to him about the changes in Japan.
At first, King Foluo just shook his head and smiled.
“Hua Xia deserves to be proud of the empire, the son of the king of fighters on the front foot, was abolished in Japan. He sent people to go to Japan to seek revenge.”
“I just didn’t expect that the strength of Japanese martial arts has fallen here.”
“Hua Xia only went to one person, and it upset the Japanese martial arts.”
“Even Suzuo Mingzun was killed?”
“If I remember well, the world martial arts world has been dead for nearly fifty years without a titled master, right?”
“It’s just that what makes me curious is, when did China have a Chu Tianfan?”
“I remember that in the Six Pillar Kingdom, there was no one with the surname Chu.”
“Could it be that some hidden old monster in China has come out of the mountain?”

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