A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 187

Before, because Ye Fan offended Shengtian, the old lady Han and others scolded Ye Fan and his wife. It is said that Ye Fan’s delay in harming her grandson, harming her son, hurting their Han family.
0ac0d69f But now, all Jiangdong guys come to worship, and Jiangdong King Chen Ao personally visits Ye Fan to greet Ye Fan and celebrate Qiu Mucheng’s birthday.
This scene undoubtedly felt like a kick on the face of the entire Han family.
A few minutes ago, they were still insulting Ye Fan because Ye Fan offended one of Chen Ao’s doglegs, but now they discovered that Ye Fan turned out to be the existence that Chen Ao had to face respectfully.
It is a great irony!
No one can understand the mood of the Han family at this time.
Mo Wenxuan, the so-called Young Patriarch of the Mo Family, was just now pretending to be aggressive and domineering, but now in front of the real boss, he is obviously completely persuaded. Like a frosted eggplant, the whole person is wilted.
Ye Fan’s angry words still echoed in the entire hall for a long time.
Every question of Ye Fan undoubtedly hit the hearts of the old lady Han and the others. It was just like a bell in the evening and the morning.
No one spoke, no one dared to speak, and Han Hai and others had nothing to say. Remember to read in one second
On the old faces of Han Yu and Han Yue, there was almost nothing but panic and fear at this time.
Ye Fan looked at them, but continued to say: “Grandma, Mucheng and I came from Yunzhou not far away to celebrate your birthday.”
“Of course, the present we give you is not gold or silver jewelry, nor precious wood, but it is my sincere heart with Mucheng!”
“The tea is my mother who cultivates and nurtures it day by day, day by day, with hard work and sweat. In my eyes, this is the most precious thing, so I will give it to your old man.”
“But as for you, in order to protect your daughter’s face, you are conflating right and wrong, talking nonsense, and sacrificing the dignity of me and Mucheng!”
“Furthermore, I and Mucheng were sincere, and threw the tea leaves my mother worked so hard in the corner like garbage.”
“What’s more ridiculous is that just because I kicked Shengtian, you told me to kneel to apologize to Mucheng and scold us in public. If I said, I not only beat Shengtian, but I also made him worship in fear. , And asked him to kneel down and beg for mercy, do you still want me and Mucheng to apologize for their death?”
Ye Fan sneered, with eyes full of self-deprecation and anger.
What he said was so important that the old lady Han trembled all over.
“Grandma, don’t forget, Mucheng is your granddaughter, and I am your granddaughter-in-law. But what about you? Indiscriminately, he came up and forced me and Mucheng to kneel to apologize, in order to curry favor with an outsider, for you Son, your grandson’s future is at the expense of the dignity and reputation of me and Mucheng.”
“Grandma, in your heart, is there really no guilt?”
Ye Fan sneered and laughed, the sound of vigorous anger, like thunder, echoed in the world. The old lady Han, who asked repeatedly, with an aura like a rainbow, was speechless, her old face flushed, and she couldn’t say a word.
“Xiao Fan, you misunderstood your grandma.” At this time, Han Hai’s expression was also extremely ugly, but his words trembled, and he spoke to help his old mother defend.
“Xiao Fan?” Ye Fan smiled, “Uncle, if I remember correctly, this is the first time you call me that.”
“I know that in your eyes, Ye Fan has always been an incompetent son-in-law, a country dick. Mucheng is also unrelenting, and she is willing to marry me as a waste. Perhaps you have always felt that I am not worthy of Mucheng. I’m here to attend grandma’s birthday banquet, and it’s just a shame for you.”
“In that case, Mucheng and I won’t bother anymore, let alone leave it to disgust my grandma.”
Speaking of this, Ye Fan smiled coldly, looking forward…

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