A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1872

“I said Fro, are you stupid?”
“Grandmaster Xuezhao is standing here, who else can you win?”
Someone said with a smile.
When Fro heard this, he laughed.
“Yes, martial arts make an appointment to fight, decide the victory, the life and death.”
“Naturally, the winner is born and the loser dies.”
Fo Luo shook his head and smiled, and finally comforted Xiang Jian Shen and the King of Fighters.
“Although it is a pity, there is no way.”
“Chu Tianfan upset the country, and died here, he is also responsible for himself.”
“So Juggernaut, King of Fighters, don’t be too sad.” The
“On the way of martial arts, sacrifice is inevitable.”
Fo Luo comforted in a deep voice.
It looks like a pity on the surface, but how happy is it in my heart?
This Chu Tianfan is immortal, and will surely be the pillar of the Chinese martial arts in the future.
At that time, the threat to their Japanese martial arts will be even greater.
Even if he did not die in Xuezhao’s hands today, King Foluo planned to find a chance to assassinate him.
This kind of evildoer is better not to exist.
“Yes, Juggernaut, be sorry.”
“You Huaxia is full of talents, and Chu Tianfan is missing. Don’t you still have a son of the King of Fighters?”
The martial arts leaders of other countries also persuaded each other.
The Sword Saint nodded, although he had expected this ending a long time ago, when he heard that Chu Tianfan had fallen, he still felt a little regretful.
“After all, it is young and frivolous.”
“I was dazzled by the victory. After defeating a few strong people, I thought I was invincible in the world.”
“As everyone knows, there is no end to martial arts, and a mountain is higher than a mountain.”
The Juggernaut sighed.
Although Mo Gucheng had some regrets, he was more relieved.
Before, he was worried that Chu Tianfan would occupy his son’s title quota.
Now it seems that it is too much to worry about.
Chu Tianfan is dead, the new generation, no one threatens his son’s status anymore.
“Juggernaut, King of Fighters, that…”
When everyone was comforting the Sword Saint and the others, Xue Zhao couldn’t sit still anymore, his face blushed, and he opened his mouth to explain.
“Master Xuezhao, you don’t have to explain either.”
“Don’t worry, our Huaxia will not be angry with you for this.”
“Then Chu Tianfan is not a member of my Martial Arts Hall. His victory or defeat is a personal act, and has nothing to do with the Martial Arts Hall and the Chinese Martial Arts.”
“He also didn’t want to think, how could he be the opponent of the martial arts senior as a junior?”
“To respond to this battle, I can only say that Chu Tianfan does not live or die.”
“This character alone is far from me, it’s too far away.”
“This kind of person is not worthy of being in the temple of my Valkyrie.”
Mo Gucheng shook his head and said, but he glimpsed Chu Tianfan and their Martial God Temple cleanly.
What he meant was very obvious. He was telling everyone that Chu Tianfan was defeated today, not their Martial God Temple, nor the Chinese Martial Arts.
However, Xue Zhao looked at Mo Gucheng with a weird expression, and said with a certain expression: “That, King Mo, you misunderstood.”
“I meant to say that I was the one who lost.”
“I fought with Chu Tianfan on the top of Japan last night, and it was Chu Tianfan who had the last laugh.”
“If it is not the last moment, the Moon God returns, I am afraid that in the martial arts world now, I Xuezhao has become history.”
Xuezhao lowered her head and said, her tone was heavy and low.
But what he said, like a thunder, exploded between heaven and earth.
Almost instantly, Mo Gucheng and others were all dumbfounded.
The audience is horrified!
“You…what did you say?”
“Yes… the junior won?”
“Then…that Chu Tianfan, defeated you?”
A young man in his early twenties, unexpectedly won the snow god who has been famous for decades, the number one strong man in Japan?
What kind of evil is this?

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