A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 189

“Lei Aoting, you rebel!”
“What he said is true?”
After hearing Shen Fei’s words, Lei San’s old face turned pale at the time, then he stared and shouted angrily.
Lei Aoting was scared and shivered: “Dad, I…I don’t know Mr. Chu, don’t you? The Mo Wenxuan family said, Chu…Mr. Chu is just an incompetent son-in-law, so I…I… ”
Lei Aoting obviously knew that he was in trouble. He didn’t have the confidence to speak at this time, and he said bitterly with his head drooping.
Lei Aoting now has a dying heart. Knowing that he had listened to Chen Qingquan and the others before, he left with Chen Haisheng and Liu Zhaoran.
If you slip away in advance, how can there be such a thing now?
“Are you killing my Lei family?”
Lei Laosan was scared to pee almost instantly, walked over and kicked Mo Wenxuan on the ground with a kick. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“San Ye ff9f0cef, what are you doing?”
Mo Wenxuan was so confused at the time?
You teach your son, kick me dry!
“Kicked wrong.”
Lei Laosan was also obviously confused by the anger, and he was shivering just now.
At this moment, he stood firm and turned around and slapped Lei Aoting’s face again.
“You rebel!”
“Are you going to piss me off?”
“You are not enough to succeed.”
“Mo Wenxuan’s family are stupid, are you stupid too?”
“Our Lei family’s foundation for several lifetimes will be destroyed by you sooner or later!”
Old Lei San was almost furious, he just offended Ye Fan yesterday, and finally got Ye Fan’s forgiveness. But who would have thought that his own rebellious son would provoke Ye Fan again.
“Dad…Dad, son… My son knew it was wrong. After I was a child, I would never go with that idiot Mo Wenxuan again.” Lei Aoting lay on the ground, half of his face was already swollen. , He was frightened and frightened by him, knowing that he had caused a catastrophe.
Lei Aoting now wants to kick Mo Wenxuan’s family to death.
If it weren’t for this idiot, it doesn’t mean that Ye Fan is just a poor countryman, otherwise, how could he offend Ye Fan and make his father so angry.
“Now that I know it was wrong, what did Zao Te do?”
“If you can’t get up yet, come with me and ask Mr. Chu!”
Lei San was shivering with anger, pulling up his own rebellious son and going away.
Before leaving, Lei Laosan turned around and glanced at Mo Wenxuan’s family, and shouted in a deep voice: “I think the old Mo family was also a great name in Jingzhou. Now, how can there be such a bastard descendant.”
“I don’t know how to live or die, and still hurt my son?”
“After today, in the land of Jingzhou, there will be no place for your Mo Family to stand!”
Lei Lao San let out a cold snort, no longer stayed, and then walked away.
Ye Fan has left, and Chen Ao and others naturally have no reason to stay here. They all left with Lei San.
For a time, all the guests in the previous hall were half gone in an instant. Here, there were only those guests who were supporting Han He, Han Hai and others.
They are all the directors of some small factories in the town, or the mayors of neighboring villages, and colleagues in the Hanhai company.
“Mayor Han, I have something to do at home, I will go back first.”
“Manager Han Hai, I have a sudden toothache and I have to go back.”
“My dog ​​fell from upstairs, so I have to go back and have a look~”
However, who would have thought that not long after Chen Ao and others left, these guests who came to celebrate the birthday of the old lady Han were afraid to sit here, and they all found various excuses to leave, and hiding from the Han family was like hiding from the plague. .

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