A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 191

“Are you still Ye Fan?”
Outside the restaurant, by the old road, Qiu Mucheng took Ye Fan’s arm and looked at the man in front of him with eyes full of panic and doubt.
For some reason, Qiu Mucheng suddenly felt that Ye Fan had become a little stranger, and the stranger was not at all like the former son-in-law who was despised by everyone.
If I had to use a metaphor, the previous Ye Fan was like a little firefly, emitting a negligible light in this vast world, no one cared.
But now Ye Fan is like a round of shining sun, radiant.
At this moment, Ye Fan was also stunned. Immediately, Ye Fan smiled.
The corners of her mouth curled up slightly, she looked at Qiu Mucheng, and said with a faint smile: “Otherwise?”
“As long as I’m still your husband, then I’m Ye Fan.”
Amidst the light laughter, Ye Fan stopped staying, then turned around and walked into the restaurant surrounded by Chen Ao, Li Lao Er and others.
Here, only the intoxicating girl is left, dazed.
Ye Fan’s laughter was everywhere in her ears. First URL m.
After a while, Qiu Mucheng also snorted and laughed, her intoxicating pretty face with a hint of joy and comfort.
Afterwards, Qiu Mucheng seemed to have thought of something and sent a WeChat message to Ye Fan using her mobile phone.
“Asshole, don’t forget the train back to Yunzhou at 3 o’clock in the afternoon! I’ll wait for you downstairs at 2 o’clock and go to the station together.”
“If you arrive and I don’t arrive, you just wait. If I arrive and you don’t arrive, you just wait!!!”
After sending the WeChat, Qiu Mucheng stopped staying, turned around and went to the mall with Chen Nan.

Shengtian Restaurant, Supreme Pavilion.
Lei Laosan, Chen Ao and others were already seated, and Ye Fan sat in the upper seat without letting it go.
In front of Ye Fan, Lei Aoting was kneeling on the ground, apparently to apologize to Ye Fan for the incident in the Han family’s old house.
“Chu…Chu…Chu…” Lei Aoting was completely frightened at this time. He knelt there with trembling, his mouth was open for a long time and he only said the word Chu.
Lao Er Li was anxious looking at him, slapped him over, and slapped Lei Aoting’s face with a slap, “Say well, don’t stutter!”
Lei San, who was next to him, stared.
I thought Li’s second child is paralyzed, and you dare to fight my son?
But Ye Fan was here, and Lei San was also talking in his stomach, naturally he didn’t dare to say it.
It was Li’s second child who looked at Lei’s third child with a smile on his face: “The third child, I was anxious just now. I helped you discipline your son, right?”
“No comment. This rebellious son offends Mr. Chu knowingly, so he should be killed.” Lei San said that it was okay, but he had already greeted Lao Er Li’s family in his heart.
“Well, it’s sincere to see your father and son apologize. I don’t care about today’s affairs.”
“Take it back, so you can be disciplined. If you offend me next time, don’t take it lightly!”
“In addition, Lei Aoting, right? In this world, you should be low-key and polite. Just like me, be a calm person, a kind person, and a smiley person.”
“Do you understand?” Ye Fan said lightly while looking at Lei Aoting.
“Ming…Ming…Ming…” Lei Aoting still stammered, knowing that the two words were not uttered.
Next to him, Li Er anxiously slapped it up again. Lei Laosan stood up with anger and was about to kick Li Er.
You are paralyzed!
My son, are you addicted to fighting?
“The third child, calm down. Mr. Chu has said, be a calm person, a kind person, a person who always smiles. You are a father, take the lead.” Li Er smiled.
“You~you~” Lei Laosan was so angry that he almost couldn’t get up and died of anger!
“Okay, calm down, just say a few words. Let’s talk about business?”
“I came here for Wu Herong’s business.”

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