A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 198

“I have worked with Mu Ying many times, but none of the cooperation experience is pleasant.”
“So, if Grandpa asks me to be responsible for this cooperation with Hongqi Group, please trust my ability and let me be responsible.”
“If you don’t believe in my abilities, then please ask Grandpa to find someone else to be responsible.”
Qiu Mucheng’s answer trembled everyone.
“Mucheng, what are you talking nonsense?”
“It’s good for your grandfather to let you be the top leader. You can also save yourself a little worry if you have Mu Ying to help you share the pressure. Why do you want to take over the power?
“Quickly apologize to your grandpa!” Han Li was impatient when he heard it, and quickly reprimanded her daughter.
“Mom, if you don’t understand anything, just shut up and stay honestly!” Qiu Mucheng was obviously crying stupidly by her mother. She didn’t understand anything at all, so she was still talking nonsense about it.
Old man Qiu’s face has completely sunk, his old face is pale with sullen anger: “Mucheng, I’ll give you another chance to reorganize the language. Mu Ying’s assistance to you is decided by me after discussing with your uncles. Mu Ying More capable, experienced, and more experienced than you.”
“Do you really want to listen to that silly remark, and the uncles who disobey me and disobey you will not succeed?” Old man Qiu suppressed 80e0851a’s anger.
“Grandpa, what you said is interesting. If Qiu Muying is really so good, why didn’t she talk about the loan from Hongqi Bank? Why didn’t she talk about the cooperation with Mr. Xu?” Remember the URL http: //m. Kanshu8. nest
“If Grandpa still insists on thinking that Mucheng’s abilities are not enough, I think it’s okay to let Qiu Muying take full responsibility for this project. Why bother to let Mucheng participate in it and drag Qiu Muying back?” Ye Fan Laughing back.
“Did I talk to you?”
“You incompetent son-in-law, is this for you to interrupt?”
“Get out of here!”
Seeing Ye Fan interjecting again, Old Man Qiu was almost to death. He slapped the table and immediately made Ye Fan get out.
Qiu Guang and Qiu Luo also regretted bringing Ye Fan, the bastard.
As for Qiu Mucheng’s parents, they also scolded Ye Fan for causing trouble to their daughter.
“Grandpa, you don’t have to be angry. Ye Fan’s words are exactly what the granddaughter wanted to say.”
“Since my grandfather feels that I am not capable enough, then my granddaughter won’t fight for anything. Let my sister Qiu Muying take charge of this project. I participated in it, but it dragged Muying back.
“Grandpa, you go to bed early, and Ye Fan and I will get out of here.”
When everyone complained about Ye Fan, who would have thought that Qiu Mucheng would come back suddenly.
After speaking, he also turned around immediately, and left with Ye Fan regardless of the livid expressions of everyone present.
Only the people behind him were left, looking at each other.
There was a dead silence in the Qiu family hall.
Wang Qiaoyu and others were dumbfounded, Han Ling Qiulei and his wife were also full of consternation, and Old Man Qiu was trembling with anger.
Obviously, the scene of Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng’s husband and wife singing together just now went beyond everyone’s expectations.
“The third child, you… When did your daughter have such a close relationship with Ye Fan?” Qiu Family’s boss Qiu Guang twitched his eyes and said with an incredible face.
Before that, no one in the Qiu family knew how much Qiu Mucheng hated Ye Fan.
When she married Ye Fan that year, Qiu Mucheng even went on a hunger strike to protest, and she was unwilling to join Ye Fan for dinner.
But just now, when Ye Fan said something, Qiu Mucheng echoed it. This Te Mafu sings with women, just like showing affection.
In the end, even the old man Qiu and his wife dared not to listen to what the uncle said.
“I…we don’t know either.” Han Li and his wife were also dumbfounded, completely unaware of the situation.
Could it be that this trip to the sea, my daughter really likes that uselessness?

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