A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1988

This is a very serious question.
You know, Ye Fan is still a virgin now, not to mention, he is still a family.
Even though the woman in front of him is so beautiful, Ye Fan couldn’t have “guarded” his body for twenty years to a stranger who had known him for less than a month.
This is a matter of principle and must be clarified in advance.
Upon hearing Ye Fan’s words, Yu Yun Qiao’s face suddenly showed a bit of shame.
This bastard, there really is something filthy in his mind.
At this moment, Yu Yun also had to wonder whether her decision to double repair with Ye Fan was correct.
“What do you think?” Yu Yun glared at Ye Fan coldly.
Ye Fan laughed when he heard the sound.
It is also said that a woman who does not hesitate to chase and insult her innocent while naked can not be so casual.
“Okay, I believe you.”
While speaking, Ye Fan covered his eyes again.
After that, he took off his clothes completely.
“and then?”
Then peat!
At that time, Yu Yun was almost mad.
“Who wants you to take off your clothes?”
“Asshole, don’t put your pants on yet!”
Yu Yun covered her eyes and said angrily.
She was almost pissed off by this bastard, she was still finished speaking here, who would have thought that Ye Fan had already taken off her clothes.
This was caught off guard, so that Yu Yun almost saw what she shouldn’t have, and her blushing blushed.
Even in the martial arts world, she has the supreme power.
However, in matters of men and women, Yu Yun is undoubtedly a piece of white paper that no one has ever stepped into.
But now, on this icy white paper, it was stained with an unbearable stroke by the bastard Ye Fan.
Yu Yun only felt that she was greatly blasphemed and offended.
She was so angry that she wanted to choke Ye Fan to death!
“Why didn’t you say it earlier?”
After Yun is angry, is there still energy in Ye Fan?
You know, he had made a lot of determination before and just took off his clothes so simply.
After all, everything is to master strength, and you can take off your clothes and grit your teeth.
Isn’t it just being seen naked?
Anyway, when he was a child, he took a bath by the river, Ye Fan’s body was seen by a group of aunts and uncles, not bad this time.
Moreover, I have seen others, so I think I will go back this time.
But who could have thought of taking off his pants for nothing.
Ye Fan’s face turned black at that time, and he quickly fumbled to put on his pants.
“Okay, then what?”
Ye Fan asked again.
“Facing the head of the bed, sit on the bed.”
After using Yu Yun for a long time, he calmed down and tried to stay calm, saying to Ye Fan.
In this way, according to Yu Yun’s instructions, Ye Fan fumbled on Yu Yun’s hotbed and sat down cross-legged.
After a while, Ye Fan only heard a rustling sound coming from the bed, and it must be that Yu Yun was undressing.
Immediately afterwards, a touch of warm body scent came to his nose, even if his eyes were covered, even if his back was facing her, Ye Fan still felt that, a beautiful and beautiful body, he also sat cross-legged on the bed.
Just when Ye Fan was about to ask what to do next.
Suddenly, Ye Fan only felt that on his back, there was a touch of warm and cool jade, quietly coming.
At the moment when the two bodies touched, Ye Fan only felt that Yu Yun’s delicate body trembled slightly as if being electrocuted.
But soon, Yu Yun’s snow-white back was tightly attached to Ye Fan’s back. The skinny and seductive touch, even if his eyes were covered, Ye Fan could still feel it. What a fascinating master of this delicate body at this time.
It’s a pity that no one appreciates such a beautiful scenery.

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