A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2020

Ye Fan’s words were deep and cold, and his tone was full of unquestionable majesty.
In this case, Wu Yang naturally closed his mouth with interest.
Before long, he also went back.
Ye Fan was right. Since he agreed to let him handle the Qinglong team’s affairs, he really didn’t need to interrupt.
Before, Wu Yang was also worried about whether Ye Fan could tame these healthy young people at a young age.
But now it seems that he is worrying too much.
Just now Ye Fan’s method, let alone training a dozen tough soldiers, even a dozen generals, I am afraid that Ye Fanzhi will have to be subdued.
After all, this guy is too cruel!
Not satisfied?
I’ll fight you.
Nothing can be more recognized and recognized than fists and strength. And Ye Fan undoubtedly relied on strength to frighten everyone here.
After Wu Yang and the others left, Ye Fan continued to stand here.
Qinglong team needs five people.
In other words, Ye Fan needs to choose five of the eleven people in front of him.
But Li Ziyang and Ma Mingbo are undoubtedly desperate.
They knew that they had been eliminated from the game when they stepped up to attack Ye Fan.
In public and private, Ye Fan would not care about them anymore.
After struggling for so long, the dream they pursued was shattered by Ye Fan.
However, when the hearts of Li Ziyang and Ma Mingbo were ashamed, Ye Fan’s gaze was looking over.
It was the kind of condescending gaze again, as if in his eyes, Li Ziyang was just an ant.
Li Ziyang hates this feeling, hates this feeling of being stepped on!
He clenched his palms, his brows and eyes burst into unwilling light.
“Are you very dissatisfied with me?” The corner of his lips lightly opened, and Ye Fan’s low voice sounded quietly.
Li Ziyang’s mouth was full of blood, and he smiled grimly.
“You are right, Ye Fan, I just don’t agree with you!”
“Your family background is not as good as mine, your background is not as good as mine, and your looks and education are not as good as mine?”
“Why, can you be the lord of Jiangdong and the general of the host?”
“And I, Li Ziyang, can only be a dog on my knees and a soldier on my stomach!”
“I don’t accept it, I don’t accept 10,000~”
Even now, Li Ziyang is still full of unwillingness, roaring at Ye Fan like a beast.
Seeing this, Ye Fan suddenly smiled.
“Unexpectedly, your father, Li Er, is a counselor, but you are a bloody man.”
“Li Ziyang, right?”
“I now give you a chance to trample me under your feet.”
“Join Qinglong.”
“You want strength, I give you strength.”
“If you want the future, I will give you the future too!”
“I have given you the opportunity. As for how far you can go in the future, it depends on your own ability.”
“You… are you serious?” Li Ziyang was stunned when he heard Ye Fan’s words.
He did not expect that Ye Fan would choose him to join the Azure Dragon team.
The Qinglong team was set up and cultivated as the first team of China.
It is not difficult to imagine that everyone in this team will have an endless future and bright future.
Li Ziyang had given up, but he did not expect that Ye Fan would have chosen him to join the Azure Dragon team.
“You are not afraid. After I become stronger, I will find you revenge?” Li Ziyang asked.
Ye Fan smiled with his hands in his hands, “I’ll say that when you are qualified to challenge me in the future.”
“At least you are not eligible now.”

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