A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 211

“You…what are you doing?”
Qiu Muying and the others turned pale when they saw the black man approaching. The Qiu family was even more panicked. They even raised the red wine in their hands to their chests, seemingly wanting the wine bottle to defend itself.
“What not to do?”
“Either pay, then call the police.”
“Anyway, if you don’t pay, none of you will want to leave.”
Manager Wang was obviously angry too.
Originally, he didn’t want to do everything, after all, he was Ye Fan’s relative. But who ever thought this group of people was so arrogant, especially the woman just now, unreasonably harassed him and humiliated him.
Manager Wang is also a person with a good face, how can he tolerate such insults and naturally angry.
“Wen…Wen Fei, what should I do?” Wang Qiaoyu was also panicked, she was afraid of being beaten.
The Qiu family also looked pale, and in addition to panic, they also felt ashamed.
Because many people are now taking pictures of them with their mobile phones. What’s so special, if they go to the evening, their Qiu family will not be famous on the Internet tomorrow? Remember to read in one second
“Wen Fei, forget it, let’s take the money.” Qiu Guang’s old face couldn’t help but persuaded Chu Wenfei to take the money to calm down.
But Qiu Muying refused to agree. She doesn’t care about the money, she cares about face.
Tonight was meant to show off his husband’s face. If you take the money, what’s the point of eating at the dinner?
All, even if Qiu Muying was slapped, she still screamed angrily: “Asshole!”
“You sordid thing, dare to hit me?”
“You’re done!”
“What about your boss, we want to see your boss.”
“You wait, your boss will let you go out tomorrow!”
Qiu Muying roared like crazy.
When Manager Wang heard this, he suddenly smiled: “Seeing our boss, are you also worthy?”
“It’s the same sentence, is it to check out the money, or let me call the police!”
Manager Wang sneered, and as he spoke, he took out his cell phone and was about to call 110.
“Wen Fei, forget it, check out. If this is caught in, you will be embarrassed.” Qiu Guang and others walked in the business world, they were all face-defying people.
Chu Wenfei was obviously also afraid of this. If he really went in, his father would not kill him.
In the end, Chu Wenfei walked over and settled the bill obediently.
“Mr. Chu considers myself unlucky when I meet a manager with eyesight like you.”
“But wait, you boss knows about it, you have good fruit!” Chu Wenfei gave a gloomy face, glared at Manager Wang, and then went to the front desk to check out.
“Go ahead, how much is it!”
“I think it’s not bad for your money.”
With a snap, Chu Wen threw a bank card to the front desk.
“Sir, private room fee, package fee, and various drinks, after the discount.”
“Total, 3680000.”
Looking at the number on the bill, Chu Wenfei sneered: “Oh, how much money should I take, which makes your hotel so distressed. Isn’t it just over 30,000? There are 40,000 in the card. Give it to you. Swipe the card. ”
Chu Wenfei said disdainfully, holding a cigarette in one hand but pretending to be forced.
“Sir, please take a closer look. It is not 30,000, but 3.68 million.”
What… what…. what?
Three million six hundred and eighty thousand?
Chu Wenfei was dumbfounded at the time. He was a little drunk, but after hearing this number, he was sober.
A pair of eyes were staring so wide that the eyeballs would pop out. The cigarette in his hand was so frightened that it fell out of his hand and fell to the ground.
“Have you made a mistake?”
“More than three million?”
“You guys are making me funny!”
Chu Wenfei was crazy.
I thought that this meal would cost tens of thousands, and at most hundreds of thousands. But Nima, Chu Wenfei never thought that this meal would have eaten three million.

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