A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2110

What they fear most now is that Ye Fan really wants to kill Lu Mingfeng and the others.
Lao San Lei also shook his head and sighed: “What else can I do?”
“You also know Mr. Chu’s temperament. We don’t have to interrupt the things he decides.”
“Up to now, you can only take one step and see one step.”
While talking, Lei San might be thirsty, and he was about to drink tea when he picked up the cup. This time, he found that the water in the cup was cold.
“San Ye, I will pour you water.”
At this time, Ma Fei, the Patriarch of the Ma family, came up with a flattering smile. His respectful look was extremely diligent.
“San Ye, we have had friendship for many years, right?”
“Look, can you help us with a few words in front of Mr. Chu?”
“This time, we were also confused for a while, just doing such a wrong thing.”
Ma Fei said bitterly, his posture was very low, and his words were full of begging. “Yes, Third Master, Second Master, and President Wang, in the future, your position in Jiangdong must be unmatched.”
“Chen Ao has been abandoned, and now only the three of you can speak in front of Mr. Chu.”
“The lives of us people are all pinned on the three of you.”
Others also begged.
Although Bald Liu was dead, Ye Fan did not say how to deal with them.
The fear of the unknown still made Ma Fei and the others restless.
They must dare not go to Ye Fan to intercede.
Now that Ye Fan is getting angry, Ma Fei and the others are naturally afraid that Ye Fan will kill them again in a rage.
But the two and three of Li were different, they stood in line successfully.
Mr. Chu will only reuse them more in the future.
As for Chen Ao, after this incident, it is still unknown whether he can live or not, so naturally he can’t count on it.
“Now know that you are afraid?”
“When you betrayed Mr. Chu, did you ever think about today?”
Lei San sneered.
Li Er also scolded: “A group of people who see the wind on the wall.”
“If I were Mr. Chu, I would kill you all.”
“Now there are still faces for us to intercede?”
“Dream you guys!”
“One by one, go back and wait for death!”
Li Er kicked Ma Fei to the ground with anger.
Just now, he and Lei San were almost killed by Lu Mingfeng.
These people, besides Chen Ao, can anyone beg for them?
Now that the limelight is turning around, the two and three of them naturally don’t care about them.
At this point, this grand feast ended with the return of Mr. Chu.
However, Li Er and others know very well that this crisis is far from over.
Even, it’s just the beginning!
No one knows how this crisis will develop in the future.
Soon, everyone here also left Yunzhou with trepidation and fear.
As for Li Er and the others, they stayed behind to deal with the aftermath of Ye Fan.
As for the bodies of Wei Wuya and his son, Li Er asked them to dig a hole and bury them directly.
As for Liu’s corpse, Li Er was transported back to Liu’s house.
“He drank too much, stumbled and fell down the stairs, and died.”
This is the cause of death of the second class of Li and the Liu family.
The Liu family naturally didn’t believe it.
“My father doesn’t drink, how could he slip and die while drunk?”
“It must be my father you killed.”
“It must be you.”
“Our Liu family will not let go, I will definitely seek justice for my father!”
Before Liu’s villa, bald Liu’s son screamed.
Li Er sneered, “Want justice?”
“Yes, go find Mr. Chu.”
“I believe Mr. Chu, he will definitely give you the Liu family a fair deal.”
“Oh, by the way, you don’t know yet, Mr. Chu, you are back.”

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