A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 212

“I’ll go to your mother!”
“I’m really being taken advantage of!”
“Three million, nonsense!”
“So this is slaughter.”
Chu Wenfei exploded at that time and yelled at Manager Wang and others.
Manager Wang was still calm and snorted: “Xiao Liu, type out the list for him. Let this gentleman take a closer look, and mark each item clearly. The province said that our store is bullying. .”
Afterwards, the waiter at the front desk listed all the expenses for him as ordered by the manager.
Looking at the long list, Chu Wenfei’s old face was almost pale to pig liver: “Yes… are there so many?”
“Why, don’t you still want to admit it up to now? Just a full table of Man Han has hundreds of thousands. What you want is the top-level set meal, or two tables, which is nearly one million. With those wines, you can order everything. In the collector’s edition, the most expensive bottle of Lafite is 320,000.”
“How many bottles of your family have you drunk, don’t you feel compelling?”
“Also, you brought two bottles of good wine before you left. The two bottles in the hands of the old lady behind you, Niulanshan 1949, are worth tens of thousands. The worst is Feitian Maotai.” First website m.
“I have been a manager for so many years. This is the first time I have seen you such a weird family. After eating and drinking enough, I took home two bottles of wine alone.”
“Is it true that the money in our hotel is caused by the wind blowing? I still want to avoid the bill and make your spring and autumn dreams!”
Manager Wang was also irritated by this group of people. Now he finally understands why this family is so unscrupulous to eat and drink, and dare to come for free.
“It’s really shameless!”
Manager Wang cursed coldly.
Qiu Guang and the others knew they were wrong, their complexions flushed, and they had no face to refute.
“Wen Fei, forget it, check it out.”
“With so many precious wines, it is normal to spend two or three million.”
Qiu Guang and the others wanted to settle the bill quickly, and it was not shameful to stand here.
As for the cost of more than three million yuan, is that much?
Of course there are many, but they don’t care. Chu Wenfei took the money anyway.
Wang Qiaoyu and Qiu Muying also wanted to settle the matter and leave here quickly. It’s a big deal to find experience afterwards.
“That is, you are so fierce, we are a big family in Wenfei, some of which are money, but you are not worse than two or three million.”
“Wen Fei, pay for them and beat them in the face.” Jiang Hong also urged.
Hit you to numb your face!
Chu Wenfei was almost crying at the time, so angry that he couldn’t wait to kick the Qiu family to death.
Two or three million? You numb said lightly.
You have the ability to pay!
Chu Wenfei had hundreds of thousands all over his body, and even if he drew out the old things, he could make up at most 500,000, and even the fraction was not enough. What did he take to settle the bill?
“Wen Fei, don’t be stunned.”
“The payment is almost finished so we can leave.”
“It’s not embarrassing enough for our family to be stuck here.” Jiang Hong was still holding two bottles of red wine in his arms at this time, watching the passers-by who were pointing to the video and taking pictures, but anxiously urging Chu. Wen Fei.
“Shut up your mouth!”
“More than three million is said to be light, where can I get so much money for you?”
“Everyone eats the meal together, and I can only take half a million. The remaining three million, you Qiu family think of a way.”
“It’s just a group of robbers. There isn’t enough wine in the room. Why don’t you move other people’s hotels?”
Chu Wenfei couldn’t care about any face anymore, so he tore his face with the Qiu family. After all, more than three million are all money.
Qiu Guang, Jiang Hong and others in the Qiu family were dumbfounded at the time, their faces were green as if they had eaten shit: “Wen…Wen Fei, why are you doing this?”
“You said you want to treat, how can we pay for it?”
Still three million?
Their Qiushui Logistics sold it for less than 10 million.
Obviously, the Qiu family can’t afford this money at all.

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