A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2148

After the two of Li Er left, Han Li got up from the ground, but was full of blood, cursing viciously in the direction where Li Er left.
However, when Han Li picked up the phone, she received a WeChat message from Qiu Mucheng.
“Dad and Mom, this is the last time my daughter calls you that way.”
“In the past few years, Ye Fan and I have been obedient to you, even if we were driven out of the house by you, we still performed our filial piety.”
“For you, we have done our best!”
“My daughter has already paid off the grace of nurturing.”
“From now on, I, Qiu Mucheng, will no longer owe you anything?”
“I will never have your parents, and you will never have my daughter.”
“The mountains are high and the road is far away. From now on, I don’t have to see you again.”
Like a thunderbolt, the moment they saw this WeChat, Han Li and his wife panicked immediately.
You know, these two of them have all come from Qiu Mucheng.
Now that Qiu Mucheng said that she would sever her mother-daughter relationship with them, this would undoubtedly be tantamount to breaking their future lives.
The two Han Li, who were panicked, quickly called Qiu Mucheng and sent WeChat.
However, since Qiu Mucheng made up her mind to sever ties with them, she has blocked all their contact information.
This time, Qiu Mucheng was undoubtedly completely disappointed with her parents.
For so many years, she and Ye Fan almost obeyed their words, but the result?
In addition to harm, what they brought to Qiu Mucheng was harm!
Tonight, if Ye Fan hadn’t arrived in time, Qiu Mucheng felt that she would be sold to Xu Shaohua by her parents like goods.
Such parents, why does Qiu Mucheng need any more?
In this way, severing all relations and staying out of old age is tantamount to a relief for both parties.
At this time, Ye Fan had already returned to the western suburbs villa with Qiu Mucheng.
Now that the Yundingshan Villa has been destroyed, Ye Fan and the others had to move back to the western suburbs villa where they once lived.
After sending the WeChat message, Qiu Mucheng couldn’t control her emotions anymore, her brows were flushed, she threw herself into Ye Fan’s arms, howling.
Like a desperate and helpless girl, holding her only support.
Yes, from now on, Qiu Mucheng will have no parents and no family.
All she had was Ye Fan.
Seeing the sad look of the beautiful woman in her arms, Ye Fan suddenly felt sorry for her.
“Mucheng, if you are really unwilling, just take your parents back.”
“For you, I am willing to endure everything.”
Ye Fan said softly.
“I do not!”
“I don’t want them anymore~”
“I never want to see them again.”
“Ye Fan, why, why do I have such parents?”
“Why other people’s parents are so kind, so kind, so understanding.”
“But my parents are so selfish and mean~”
Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help crying, and the sad cry echoed throughout the room.
Qiu Mucheng cried for a long time this night.
It is like venting all the grievances and grievances of the first half of life.
It seems, relief.
Qiu Mucheng finally made up his mind to sever all relations with Qiulei and Han Li.
Perhaps, there will be guilt, reluctance, and pain in my heart.
However, these emotions in her heart, compared with the grievance and shame Ye Fan has suffered over the years, what is it?
Qiu Mucheng, don’t owe Han Li anything!
What she owed in her heart was Ye Fan.
If it is said, she used her first half of her life to repay her parents’ kindness.
So in the future, what she owes Ye Fan, she will use the rest of her life to pay it back.

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