A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 217

“My God, Orange Orange, tell me, you don’t really like her anymore, do you?”
After Ye Fan left, Qiu Mucheng had already returned to the company, but Susie was obviously not reconciled, and still asked afterwards.
“I don’t like it, but I think I should have begun to try to accept him.”
Qiu Mucheng leaned against the window, the coffee in her hand steaming hot, but she turned her head to look at the fading figure outside the window, an inexplicable smile filled the corners of her mouth.
“Damn, Orange, how can this be?”
“Have you forgotten what you said to me? You said that the person you like in the future must have superb cultivation, superb clothing, and do not want to be born in a wealthy family, but at least it must be a scholarly family. It must be one in a thousand. Talents.”
“But look at him, which one fits your criteria?”
“Let’s not talk about the background, just the dress and the dress, it’s just a turtle!”
“He is not worthy of you. Orange, you must divorce him in the future!”
“My Susie’s best friend is worthy of a better man to pet and love her.”
Susie was obviously extremely disgusted with Ye Fan, not only because of Ye Fan’s background, but she didn’t like it in all aspects. Remember to read in one second
“Anyone who is a bit prosperous, who will be the son-in-law?”
“What’s the difference between this kind of soft rice man and the useless? When your grandfather is relieved, you must divorce. This lady will find you a better one.” Susie sat at her desk, solemnly facing Qiu Mucheng Said.
However, Qiu Mucheng was still calm. She leaned against the window and smiled faintly: “Cici, in fact, Ye Fan is not as unbearable as you said.”
“At least, he can stand up bravely when I am in danger.”
“At least, he can stand up for me when I suffer humiliation.”
“I can feel that his kindness to me is really true.”
“In the past, I thought that Ye Fan was an ordinary person who couldn’t be more ordinary, even a little mediocre, but the deeper I understand, the more I feel that there is something unusual in him. It’s like a mystery, let One can’t help but explore.”
When Qiu Mucheng said these words, it appeared before her eyes when she was in Jianghai Shengtian Restaurant, Ye Fan stepped forward and abused several others. I remembered the bigwigs of all parties at the birthday banquet coming together to worship, no one saw the light that was blooming in Qiu Mucheng’s eyes at this moment.
“Orange, you wouldn’t have been stolen by that bastard just because of Jiang Hai’s birthday banquet at your grandma’s house, do you really think he is a big shot?”
“It’s not that you don’t know his details, he is incapable and has no background. You said this kind of poor dick in the country can be a big man?”
“I see, the reason why those people came to support Ye Fan that day was not because they respected him, but because they treated him as a fool, first gave him great favors, made him grateful, and finally let Ye Fan willingly help them. Do things. Even work hard for them.”
“I have seen this kind of thing a lot. This kind of person has a special name, “White Glove”!”
“And Ye Fan is probably the white gloves of the powerful, doing the most dirty work for the most powerful people.”
Susie said to Qiu Mucheng with a special event.
Of course Qiu Mucheng didn’t take it to heart. After all, these things Susie said were so mysterious that she hadn’t heard of them on weekdays. Of course he would not believe what Susie said.
“Siqian, you are so worried. I know Ye Fan too well. Even if he wants to be a white glove for the rich and powerful, he must first have the ability. Moreover, although he has always been in the Qiu family, he has always worked hard at home. But I can feel that he is still very proud in his heart. It is impossible for him to be willing to be the running dog of the powerful.”
“Besides, I don’t care if he is a big man.”
“Okay, I’m going to work. Don’t influence me here, I’ll look for you at night.”
Qiu Mucheng didn’t want to talk anymore, and then gave Susie a guest order.
“Orange, think about what I said just now. I’m afraid you are too innocent and you were deceived.” Before Susie left, she still did not forget to admonish Qiu Mucheng and belittle Ye Fan.

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