A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2187

Lujia Manor.
The busy people have already retreated. At this time, in the room, only the senior family members of the Lu Family were still standing here.
In front of him, Lu Mingfeng’s body lay quietly.
The scar under the neck is shocking.
“Master Lu, it’s been checked. The cause of Master Lu’s death is the wound under his neck.”
“I think the incision should be a sharp weapon like a sword used by someone to seal the throat instantly.”
After careful investigation, a man in a white coat in front of him took off his gloves, and he spoke to the Lu family in a heavy color behind.
“Mingfeng has many bodyguards around him. This time the family sent him to Jiangdong, and there were even Xu family strong men secretly protecting him.”
“The so-called Mr. Jiang Dongchu, could it be possible to seal Ming Feng with a sword through layers of protection?”
After hearing the analysis of the doctor in front of him, a middle-aged man frowned.
“Possibly, because the young master was unprepared, the sneak attack succeeded, right?” The doctor secretly guessed.
After examining the body, the Lu family also told the doctor to retreat.
After all, the next conversation will be an important decision for the design family, and outsiders are not suitable for listening.
“Brother, what should I do now?”
“Mingfeng is dead. The people who came back said that he died in the hands of Mr. Jiang Dongchu.”
“Should we send someone over, or should we use judicial means to bring Mr. Chu to justice?”
In the Lu family, although the old man is respected and respected, after all, he is old, and he has long left his family affairs.
Today the head of the Lu family is still Lu Mingfeng’s father, Lu He.
However, today’s Lu He, after seeing his son’s corpse, although his heart is like a knife, he is not as gloomy and angry as the old man Lu.
After all, he is a high-ranking person in the Chinese power system. Years of factional struggles have long made his mind calm and restrained.
Even after experiencing the pain of losing his son, Lu He still maintained the greatest calm and composure.
“This matter, first investigate clearly.”
“As for how to make a decision, we will wait until the ins and outs of the matter have been investigated.”
“Prior to this, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to act arbitrarily!”
“In particular, you must not use your power to avenge your personal revenge.”
“You all know?”
Lu He Shensheng said to the Lu family in front of them.
Those uncles of Lu Mingfeng didn’t say anything, but Lu Mingfeng’s mother cried out to Lu He after hearing it, “What is there to investigate?”
“The truth lies here.”
“It was the Jiangdong thug who killed our son.”
“Those thugs deserve death!”
“As Mingfeng’s father, you don’t know how to avenge your son, but you still have to investigate and talk about it later?”
“You father, don’t you feel guilty in your heart?”
In the room, the woman hugged her son’s body while crying at Landing He sadly and tearfully.
In the entire Lu family, except for Mr. Lu, this woman also felt the man in front of him screaming, right?
“Ying’er, you go down first, I will take care of this matter.”
“Come on, send madam back to the room to rest.”
Lu He didn’t get angry, and said calmly.
After all, he had just experienced the pain of losing a child, and he understood her feelings as a mother.
However, who would have thought that the woman in front of him directly and rudely pushed away the person who came to support him.
Her brows were red, her face was full of tears, and she yelled at Lu He as if mad: “I won’t go. I won’t go until my son’s revenge is not reported.”

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