A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 219

Qiu Family Hall.
The old man Qiu cursed at the full house.
After all, this time their Qiu family was ashamed.
Of Nuo Da’s family, only Qiu Mucheng’s family survived, and all the other four were arrested. What’s more ridiculous was that the second aunt, Jiang Hong, even yelled at her parents to eat and drink, but she was also sent to the police station.
Han Li and Qiulei, who eavesdropped outside the door, were almost laughing to death.
“Mucheng, these people really deserve it!”
“Let them look down upon others!”
The old man Qiu was still cursing, and everyone in the Qiu family below was also flushed with shameless face. Until now, Jiang Hong was still holding the pot on Chu Wenfei.
It was Chu Wenfei who wanted to treat him, and asked them to order anything more expensive. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“You still have a strange face, Wenfei?”
“Wen Fei told you a few polite words, you really listened to it. Then Wen Fei asked you to die, are you going?”
“If Wen Fei’s father hadn’t come forward to take the money to settle this time, you people are still squatting inside!”
The old man Qiu uttered angrily, cursing these people because his face was flushed, and he had no place to show himself.
It was not until after dark that Old Man Qiu asked them to go back and reflect on it.
When going out, Jiang Hong and other Qiu family members happened to see Han Li and the others who were gloating and grinning.
“Hmph, you don’t have to be so happy!”
“If you didn’t get Xu Lei’s light and paid for you, wouldn’t your family be much better than us?”
“Don’t let go?!”
Qiu Muying pushed Qiu Mucheng away rudely, and left without looking back.
Obviously, the dinner party last night undoubtedly made Qiu Muying’s family completely faceless. If it weren’t for Chu Wenfei’s father to come out and take the place in the end, I’m afraid that after this turmoil, Qiu Muying’s family would not be able to live in the Qiu family.
However, even so, the attitude of Jiang Hong and others towards the fourth family is obviously not as respectful as before.
Isn’t this nonsense?
If it weren’t for the fourth family to pretend to be able to do it, how would they stand up to such a mess today!
“You don’t have that much money in your pocket, so don’t pretend to be so forceful!”
Jiang Hong cursed in anger, turned around and went home.
Tonight’s family meeting ended in this way. After Qiu Mucheng’s family stepped forward to comfort the old man, they also left.
As agreed, Qiu Mucheng went to the house of her best friend Susie.
“Should it be this?”
Looking at the single-family villa in front of him, Qiu Mucheng immediately called Susie and asked her to come down and open the door.
“Orange, open it yourself, and I will tell you the password.”
Susie seemed to be busy, and hung up the phone after she finished talking anxiously.
Qiu Mucheng gave a wry smile, and opened the door by herself.
“Cici, what are you doing?”
“Wearing so revealing, you are not afraid of attracting hooligans?”
When Qiu Mucheng entered, Susie only wore a thin gauze skirt, and the scene under the skirt was looming, and under her thighs was alluring white.
After seeing her, Qiu Mucheng felt speechless.
This woman doesn’t even wear underwear!
“Orange, don’t talk, listen quietly.”
However, Susie made a silent gesture, and she was lying on the window like a nympho cat, listening very intoxicated.
Qiu Mucheng only noticed that there was a faint sound of music outside the window.
The voice was low and mellow, like a bright moon in the mountains, and like a clear breeze in an empty valley, beautiful and pleasant. Even if it was Qiu Mucheng, she was stunned for an instant, only to feel that under the sound of this music, her exhaustion was washed away and empty.
“What a beautiful tune?”
“This…is this a harmonica?”

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