A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 22

Ye Fan asked this to Wang Kaiwen, who was the nearest.
Wang Kaiwen glanced at him. She was dressed up and scumbags, and she was immediately contemptuous. She thought that she was a migrant worker who came to work in the city again, and she had a rural temperament.
“Registration? Go out and turn left and go straight for 200 meters. There is a Rural Commercial Bank over there. Go there and hang up?”
“We, Hongqi Bank, are an international bank. We only cater to the upper-class people and do not accept hillbillies.”
Wang Kaiwen was full of disdain, but she didn’t even look at Ye Fan. If it wasn’t for professionalism, she wouldn’t even take care of this kind of hillbilly, and directly let the security guard out.
Also withdraw money?
One hundred and two hundred will soon break the money, are you so embarrassed to come here to get it?
Is Hongqi Bank the place to be for you, a hillbilly?
The smile on Ye Fan’s face also disappeared immediately, and his brow wrinkled immediately.
“Sir, do you want to handle business, I will take you to register?” At this time, Li Xiaohong smiled brightly, and his high heels tapped the ground lightly, walking towards Ye Fan very kindly.
“Huh, being so diligent to a poor person, it’s really like people gather together, and things are divided into groups.” Wang Kaiwen snorted, and she disgusted the inferior children like Ye Fan and Li Xiaohong. Remember to read in one second
To be a colleague with this kind of hillbilly is simply an insult to her.
While grinning, a man and woman walked in at the door. Seeing the incoming person, Li Xiaohong’s face of contempt and disdain immediately disappeared, replaced by endless flattery and courtesy.
“Mr. Wang, are you here?”
“Yeah.” Wang Yu nodded, holding a mobile phone in one hand, but the other hand was holding the slender waist of his female companion, “I’ll take some money. Hurry up, I’m in a hurry, and I will participate in a high-end auctions.”
“Haha, always rest assured, Xiao Wang, you are a distinguished customer of our bank, and your business will be handled by our bank first.” Wang Kaiwen smiled flatteringly, her respectful look contrasted sharply with the previous disdain for Ye Fan , Fuck up.
Afterwards, Wang Kaiwen immediately took Wang Yu’s certificate to register for the business. In front of the registration machine, Ye Fan was still looking for his own certificate, but Wang Kaiwen stepped forward and pushed Ye Fan and Li Xiaohong aside without saying anything.
“Sister Wen, what are you doing? This Mr. Ye hasn’t registered yet?” Li Xiaohong was fighting for Ye Fan.
Wang Kaiwen looked contemptuous: “It’s just a hillbilly, let him wait. Xiao Wang is always a bank guest and the general manager of a listed company. If you offend such a big customer, can you be an intern?”
Where did Wang Kaiwen pay attention to their complaints and disdain to talk.
Ye Fan frowned suddenly, and said displeased: “I came first, why did you let me wait?”
When Wang Kaiwen heard this, he smiled suddenly.
“Oh, people don’t have much ability, but the heart is quite proud?”
“You are a poor country boy, and you are ashamed to compare with Xiao Wang?”
“President Wang spends nearly 10 million in our bank every year. How about you, you will never see so much money in your life, right? What do you compare with Mr. Wang?”
“It’s better to go out honestly and turn left and go to the Rural Commercial Bank to withdraw money. That’s where your migrant workers should go.”
Wang Kaiwen was full of contempt, snorted, and then walked towards Wang Yu.
“Xiaowen, what’s the matter, isn’t your Hongqi known as a high-end bank? Why are you receiving all kinds of messy people?” Wang Yu frowned when he saw Ye Fan in front of him.
It is a great insult to him to stand with someone like Ye Fan.

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