A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 220

Qiu Mucheng exclaimed.
“Orange, don’t talk~” Susie was dissatisfied with Qiu Mucheng’s disturbing the melodious song, and suddenly whispered.
So, there was a long silence.
In this night, there was only the beautiful song, mixed with the breeze, and washed away with the moonlight.
Until the end, the sound of the song is gone, but the lingering rhyme is still there.
Susie was already obsessed, she looked at the direction of the sound, but she was dazed.
“Hey, the tune has already stopped, what else are you watching?” Qiu Mucheng asked.
“Look at the handsome guy. Look at Mucheng, the man in the white shirt on the balcony next to me. He played the harmonica just now, so handsome.”
“What to do, I feel my heart has been stolen by him.”
“Do you say he has a girlfriend?”
“The song just now, with a touch of sadness in its beauty, did he encounter something sad?” Remember to read the book for one second
“If I go to comfort him at this time, will that handsome guy fall in love with me~
Susie kept talking.
Qiu Mucheng’s face was speechless: “Look at you, like a cat in heat? Is it okay to be reserved?”
While she was speaking, Qiu Mucheng looked out the window curiously, she wanted to see what kind of handsome guy it was that made her best friend fall into love.
However, when Qiu Mucheng looked over, she only saw a back figure.
In the dark night, he was wearing a clean white shirt, leaning against the window, his body slightly bent, and the cool night breeze blew his clothes slightly.
Looking at this back, Qiu Mucheng’s body suddenly trembled slightly, her beautiful eyes shrank slightly: “Ye Fan?”
“What Ye Fan?”
“Damn, isn’t it your wimpy husband?”
“Orange, could you really fall in love with him? Everyone is Ye Fan.”
“Please, don’t insult my male god!”
“My male god is tall and handsome, with a good family background, and knows the rhythm. How can such a rare talent in the world compare to your useless husband?”
“It’s just a pity, the sky is too dark, I can’t see the appearance of my male god.
. ”
“But to play such a beautiful tune, and live in such a good high-end villa like me, I must have the same honorable background as me, and he is a rare beautiful man in the world.”
Susie has completely fallen, and even the male god shouts.
Qiu Mucheng glanced at that figure again, then smiled and shook her head.
Also, how could Ye Fan that vulgar guy know such a gentle thing. Moreover, he is probably back to his hometown in the country at this time.
“But Cici, you’re too narcissistic, right? A handsome man like you, are you a handsome man?”
“Go go, I mean my male god. Orange, I have decided, I will try to get him. He lives next to me. This is simply a gift from heaven.”
“Orange, to find a husband, you have to look for my male god like this. The family background is good and talented, and then look at your useless husband. Compared with my male god, it’s just a difference from the mud~”
In the room, the two girlfriends quarreled.
In the other house, Ye Fan sneezed and quickly closed the window.
“This summer, the night wind is quite cold.”
“I don’t know if the woman Qiu Mucheng is asleep or not. I’m not here. I will push on the quilt at night, and I will see who will cover it for you.” Ye Fan muttered to himself, then put down the harmonica and prepared to drink some water.
At this time, a phone call came: “Little Lord, according to your instructions, I have secretly ordered people to enter Jiangdong and try my best to find the whereabouts of the killer. As soon as there is news, I will contact the young master immediately.”
“Yeah.” Ye Fan nodded. Just about to hang up, he seemed to think of something, and then said, “By the way, let Tongshan come to Yunzhou. I still don’t worry about Mucheng, let Tongshan protect him in secret. .”
There was a long silence.
After Ye Fan said this, there was no response on the other end of the phone.
“Huh? Why don’t you speak?” Ye Fan frowned.
“It’s okay, little lord. It’s just a little bit emotional, that girl named Mucheng must be very happy to be treated like the little lord.”
Ye Fan suddenly remembered Qiu Mucheng’s ferocious look when she asked her to kneel on the washboard and hit the floor, and he shook his head and smiled: “That silly woman doesn’t necessarily think so.”

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