A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2201

“you you…”
“You shameless offspring, you… how dare you talk to me like this?”
Qiu Zhenglun, the elder of the Qiu family, almost vomited blood from his wife.
He never thought that this woman would dare to be so disrespectful to him?
All along, in the Qiu family, Qiu Zhenglun undoubtedly has the supreme majesty.
What he meant, who would dare to disobey?
But now, being scolded by his daughter-in-law in public like this, how could Qiu Zhenglun not be angry in his heart.
However, this time is different.
With the fall of the Qiu family, Qiu Zhenglun has not much majesty left among the descendants of the Qiu family.
In the past, the Qiu family respected him and respected him. That was because he wanted him.
After all, the power of Qiushui Logistics is still in the hands of the old man.
Today, the Qiu family is in a state of failure, and Father Qiu himself still needs his children to support him.
Qiu Zhenglun now seems to have become a burden.
Therefore, Jiang Hong and others naturally no longer need to worry, the grievances hidden in their hearts burst out directly.
Finally, Qiu Zhenglun fainted with anger.
On the other side, as the wedding drew closer, the entire Yunzhou City undoubtedly became more and more noisy.
All roads in Jiangdong gathered together, and the main road of Yunzhou leading to Haiyuan Pavilion was directly closed to welcome.
At all major intersections with a radius of one kilometer, the traffic police department cooperated with the blockade, allowing the rest of the citizens to detour.
As for the outside of Haiyuan Pavilion, there are even more flowers.
The ceremonial ladies stood in two rows, and the brand new red carpet stretched for more than a kilometer.
The entire Yunzhou City is like a festive scene.
It’s a pity, this boundless scenery belongs to only one person.
As for the others, they were all stopped outside.
“Sir, sorry.”
“Binhu Avenue is closed for half a day today, please take a detour.”
At this time, at a certain intersection ahead, it was a Porsche supercar, ignoring the detour sign 100 meters away, and drove here, but was eventually stopped by the traffic police who blocked the road.
“How about playing?”
“There is no detour in this young master’s dictionary.”
“Anyone who is acquainted, quickly make way for this young master.”
“Today, my girlfriend’s birthday, if the schedule is delayed, this young master will make you unable to eat.”
Here, the window of the car opened, and a young master poked his head out wearing sunglasses, very arrogantly threatening the traffic police in front of him.
While the young man was speaking, his other hand was restlessly stroking the slender jade legs of his female companion beside him, causing the girl next to him to scratch her head.
She looks charming and seductive, but it is amorous!
The beauty of Xiangche knows that the man in front of her is rich or expensive.
However, if Qiu Mucheng were here, she would definitely recognize that the girl in front of her was Zhang Wenya who had been driven out of the bridal shop a few days ago.
“Sorry, sir.”
“You’d better go around, I’m also doing this for your good.”
However, the traffic policeman was not afraid of the threat of the man, and still smiled and said to let him go around.
“Let me go, I don’t think you can see the coffin or cry, right?”
“Do you know who this young master is?”
“I am the young head of Genji Heavy Industries, the son of Yuan Donghai, Yuan Hua!”
“I warn you, my dad knows your chief.”
“Annoyed me, I asked my dad to call and let you roll your bed in minutes.”
Yuan Hua said with a black face and angrily.

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