A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2216

It was not difficult for Shen Fei to help Yuan Hua and the others get into this wedding banquet by relying on his father’s relationship.
After all, his father Shen Jiuyi also participated in a lot of work in the planning and preparation of this wedding.
As the young master of the Shen family and the son of Shen Jiuyi, he can still do this kind of thing.
“A little thing, thank you.”
“However, Yuan Hua, let me put my words here first.”
“This occasion is definitely not an ordinary banquet.”
“Participants are either rich or expensive, and none of them is something you can provoke.”
“So, after you go in for a while, be honest with me and don’t make trouble for me.”
“Especially your girlfriend who has never seen the world, you must take good care of her.”
“And, most importantly, don’t provoke Mr. Chu.”
“Have you heard?” Shen Fei solemnly warned.
Yuan Hua waved his hands again and again: “Brother Fei, don’t worry.”
“You just lend us ten courage, and we definitely dare not go to frown Mr. Chu’s brows.”
“You are busy with you first, don’t worry about us.”
“Wen Ya and I will definitely be honest, and will never mess with Fei.”
Yuan Hua patted his chest to make sure.
Shen Fei nodded and felt relieved: “Well, let’s go in first. I have something else to do, see you later.”
After speaking, Shen Fei also left.
However, Yuan Hua and Zhang Wenya walked towards Haiyuan Pavilion with excitement and anticipation.
However, when he walked to the entrance of Haiyuan Pavilion, a thin man figure caught Zhang Wenya’s attention.
“Fuck, is it you?”
“How can you be here?”
Zhang Wenya was shocked when he saw the people in front of him, even if the anger in his heart came out.
“Wenya, do you know him?” Yuan Hua was curious.
“Isn’t it?” Zhang Wenya said angrily, “husband, he is the turtle who bullied me in the bridal shop before.”
“Because of him, I was almost beaten to death and thrown out.”
“I don’t care, you said you wanted to avenge me.”
“I couldn’t find him before, now I met him, you must give me revenge!”
Thinking of what happened at the bridal shop that day, Zhang Wenya felt angry in her heart.
While cursing Ye Fan, he coquettishly asked Yuan Hua to stand for himself.
But Yuan Hua was worried: “Wenya, I’ll talk about this later. Today is Mr. Chu’s wedding banquet. If we make trouble here, I’m afraid we will anger Mr. Chu.”
“No, I don’t care. You must teach him severely today and ask him to kneel down and apologize to me.”
“Otherwise, you will never want to climb into my bed again.” Zhang Wenya said angrily.
“Okay, Wenya, leave this to me, just watch it.” Yuan Hua finally gave in, and for the sake of his own sexual life, he could only obey.
Then, he looked at the thin man in front of him, and said coldly: “Boy, are you the one who bullied my daughter-in-law that day?”
“It stands to reason that with my temper, I will break your legs and abolish your limbs today, so that you will never get out of bed.”
“But, fortunately for you, I won’t do anything to you at Mr. Chu’s wedding reception today.”
“If you are acquainted, kneel down and apologize to my wife now.”
“Otherwise, Yuan Hua, I promise, will make you look good!”
Yuan Hua put his hands in his pockets, condescendingly looking down at the thin man in front of him, and his proud words were full of coldness.

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