A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2219

“Yuan Hua, you…you said that to me?”
“I really misunderstood you~”
“I declare, you are finished, you will never want to climb into my bed for the rest of your life!”
Zhang Wenya didn’t expect that at such a time, Yuan Hua would turn all the blame on him.
At that moment, Zhang Wenya was almost mad, and screamed at Yuan Hua.
“Done, you are paralyzed~”
However, at this time Yuan Hua, how could she still be used to her, jumped up and slapped Zhang Wenya’s face fiercely.
In the midst of Yuan Hua’s slap, Zhang Wenya was slapped with blood, one of his front teeth was knocked out and half of his face was swollen.
“Really treat yourself to a fairy beauty?”
“I really thought you couldn’t live without Yuan Hua?”
“Don’t think I don’t know, you are good with me, you just have a fancy to my money.” “But Lao Tzu is not a fool, in fact, I never thought of marrying you.”
“In my eyes, your bitch is no different from those women selling outside.”
“I pursue you, just for fun.”
“You love money, I love sex, and each has what he needs.”
“When I get tired of playing, I will kick you off naturally.”
“A woman like you, Shabi will marry you!”
Yuan Hua cursed angrily, anger burned in his chest, and the words were extremely ugly.
But when Zhang Wenya heard this, the whole person was stunned for an instant.
She looked at Yuan Hua in disbelief. She couldn’t accept it. The man who had promised her each other before turned out to be a bitch.
“You bastard~”
“Asshole, you lied to me, you lied to my feelings~”
“I’m fighting with you!”
After panicking, Zhang Wenya also went crazy, and rushed towards Yuan Hua with her teeth and claws.
“Shall I go to Nima?”
“Talk to me about feelings?”
“You snobby bitch, do you deserve it too?”
In the anger, Yuan Hua kicked Zhang Wenya to the ground with a bang.
“Ma De, I was really blind at the beginning, how come I look at you like this~”
“This time I will be killed by you!”
Yuan Hua was angry and hateful, and the wicked lady’s heart was kicked to death.
If it wasn’t for her clamoring to attend the wedding banquet, how could he offend Mr. Chu.
It can be said that everything today was given by this idiot, and Yuan Hua was naturally angry.
After kicking Zhang Wenya, Yuan Hua knelt like a dog at the feet of Li Er and Ye Fan and others, crying with tears and tears: “Mr. Chu, second master, I really don’t blame me.”
“I have no grievances or grudges against Mr. Chu, and I have never even seen each other. If it weren’t for this bitch to encourage me, how could I provoke Mr. Chu.”
“Second Lord, Mr. Chu, it’s all hers, it’s all hers alone, it’s none of my business~”
Yuan Hua knelt on the ground, his head knocked loudly.
Obviously, Yuan Hua was also frightened.
After all, Mr. Chu is the respect of Jiangdong, and their Yuan family is not even qualified to attend the wedding banquet. In other words, as long as Mr. Chu is willing, they can run their Yuan family to death.
Such characters, Yuan Hua is naturally apprehensive.
However, no matter how he cried, Ye Fan’s expression was still cold, and it seemed that he didn’t let him off.
At this moment, Yuan Hua suddenly saw Shen Fei, who was drinking tea with his head down not far in the distance. At that moment, he was like a man falling into the water and grabbed the last straw.
Yuan Hua suddenly got up, ran towards Shen Fei, then knelt on the ground holding Shen Fei’s thigh and begged: “Brother Fei, you must save me, you must save me~”
“I was brought in by you, you can’t leave me alone.”

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