A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 222

The night is bright and clear, and the moonlight is like water.
The cool wind at night drifted far, far away with the melodious song under Ye Fan’s mouth.
Not far away, Susie in the room was completely obsessed.
“It’s over, Orange, I think I’m completely fallen.”
“This song is so intoxicating~”
Susie couldn’t help sighing, but Qiu Mucheng on the side choked silently.
“You dumb woman~”
But after all, this harmonica sounds really nice.
In the next few days, the piano sounded every night as expected. No matter how busy Susie was, she would squat by the window every night, looking at the harmonica-playing man she was thinking of from a distance.
Sometimes Qiu Mucheng was busy all day, and she would come with Susie after get off work, listen to the melodious piano sound, and let the melodious melody wash away her tired body and mind.
Of course, Qiu Mucheng simply liked the sound of the harmonica, but Susie was completely lost, thinking about how to get to know that person every day. She even wrote several love letters, just waiting for the day when she was drunk and bold enough to send it to others. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“A silly woman in love~” Qiu Mucheng smiled helplessly, she was also very curious in her heart, she also wanted to see what kind of person it is that can play such a moving sound of nature.
As August 15 gets closer, Ye Fan is naturally not idle these days. In addition to waiting for news from Mr. Han, he is paying attention to Qiu Mucheng’s situation in the company.
After all, Qiu’s family has always been unwelcome to Qiu Mucheng. Now that Qiu Mucheng is in charge of a project alone, the resistance within the company must be considerable.
Qiu Mucheng could only talk to Xu Lei about this matter. But the last time Xu Lei was angry with Ye Fan, he didn’t answer Ye Fan’s call at all.
No way, Ye Fan had to go to Hongqi Bank to find her in person.
“Mr. Xu, come out for a chat, I’ll invite you to have coffee.” Ye Fan looked at the sincere invitation, and Xu Lei glared at him. In the end, he gave up his breath and agreed to Ye Fan’s invitation.
“Beauty Cafe, you go first, I will be there later.” Xu Lei said.
“Yeah.” Ye Fan didn’t ask Xu Lei what he was going to do, so he turned and went to the nearby Liren Cafe to wait.
Liren Cafe is a high-end restaurant in Yunzhou. From the name, it can be seen that the main audience of this cafe is the upper-class people with superior economic conditions. Especially urban beauties like Xu Lei.
Ye Fan found a window seat and sat down. The decoration of the coffee shop is also unique, which is pleasing to the eye.
Ye Fan looked at the time, and it was estimated that Xu Lei was coming soon.
However, at this moment, a waiter in front led two guests over.
Seeing the visitor, Ye Fan frowned immediately.
What kind of bad luck is this? How did you meet them?
“Two, this is your reserved seat, please take it.” The waiter said politely.
Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying nodded, and then sat down with their seats.
“Yingying, isn’t that your son-in-law?” Chu Wenfei just sat down and saw Ye Fan next to him.
Qiu Muying turned her head to look over, but she was also shocked, and then a touch of disgust emerged in her heart.
“It’s really bad.”
“Why is this turtle here?”
“A wimp, is this where you can come?”
“What about the waiter, how do you open this shop? What kind of cats and dogs are there?”

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