A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2224

Chen Ao did not answer, but continued.
“As far as I know, as early as a few days ago, the above had already done something to Jiangdong.”
“During this period of time, Jiangdong’s political arena has been turbulent, and the anti-criminal and evil actions have been vigorously carried out. You should have heard of these things.”
“Even the master of Yunzhou City has been taken down, let alone businessmen like you and me?”
“Perhaps, you only think that you are arrogant and run rampant in a city. It is the mayor of a city and treats you with courtesy.”
“But, in front of the country, what do you count?”
“As long as the top wants to deal with you, minutes can make you never stand up.”
“Could it be that you still have the courage and courage to resist the entire summer?”
Chen Ao asked several times, and every question was like a thunder that blew in everyone’s hearts.
At the end of the hearing, everyone’s faces turned pale, full of panic. That feeling is like a big mountain, quietly pressing on their hearts.
After all, even if they were confident, they would never dare to wrestle with the entire state machine.
“Chen Ao, are you sure you didn’t lie to us?”
“Above, do you really want to move us? Move Mr. Chu?”
Old Lei asked again with a pale face.
Chen Ao whispered back: “Otherwise?”
“I said long ago that Lu and Xu are the existences that we cannot afford to provoke.”
“From the time when Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua were killed, I had expected that there would be today.”
“The only thing I didn’t expect was that the revenge from these two families came so quickly.”
“So, Mr. Chu, you can leave as soon as the Xu family hasn’t arrived.”
“Now is not the time to be arrogant.”
Even if Ye Fan robbed him of all power and status, even if Ye Fan put him under house arrest, Chen Ao did not blame Ye Fan.
After all, he betrayed Ye Fan, and everything was on his own account.
Moreover, when he learned from Wu Weitao that the soldiers of the Xu family were approaching the city, Wu Weitao’s first thought was not to join Wu Weitao, but to come to Yunzhou as soon as possible and let Ye Fan leave.
Ye Fan is kind to him and is still the person his daughter likes.
Chen Ao’s heart, naturally did not want Ye Fan to fall like this.
“Yes, Mr. Chu, run away quickly.”
“This is what the country wants to do with you, don’t behave!”
“Where there is life, there is hope.”
“I, Li Er, believe that with Mr. Chu’s ability, even if he leaves Jiangdong, he will make a comeback.”
“So, as long as Mr. Chu is still there, we Jiangdong people, even if you go to jail today, I believe Mr. Chu will be able to save us in the future!”
Finally, Li Er also began to persuade Ye Fan.
He had already persuaded him last night.
Li Erben thought, after the wedding banquet was over, Mr. Chu had to be tied away from Jiangdong even if it was tied up, but Li Er did not expect that the Xu family would come so quickly.
However, Ye Fan smiled lightly in the face of Li Er and others’ persuasion.
He picked up the tea, took a sip, then looked at the crowd, smiling proudly.
“There is no word “escape” in my Ye Fan’s dictionary.”
“I said earlier that Ye Fan didn’t intend to cause trouble, but I was not afraid of it.”
“He wants to fight, then fight!”
“If anyone wants to kill me, I will kill another.”
“A hundred people want to kill me, so I will kill a hundred people.”
“If this hot summer wants to kill me, I will destroy the entire hot summer.”
“I care if he is one person, one family, or one country?”
“My dragon god, why be afraid of people?”

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