A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2227

Xu He’s face was blue and ugly.
Ye Fan’s words just now, he couldn’t refute, he was speechless, his old face was almost green to pig liver.
Xu He didn’t expect that his dignified military commander would be so gagged by a junior.
He didn’t even expect that Ye Fan was so brave that he would dare to scold him like this in public and make him lose face.
“Good, good.”
“Very good, as expected of Mr. Chu.”
“Death is coming, so there is such a mighty power?”
“I just don’t know. When the Wanjun siege, Mr. Chu, how much of your aura can you have at this time?”
This Ye Fan has sharp teeth, and Xu He knows that he can’t tell him.
But it doesn’t matter. He didn’t come here to fight with Ye Fan, but to put him to death.
When the words fell, Xu He turned around immediately. He stepped out of the room and stood in front of Your Excellency Haiyuan, looking like a generation of gods.
Immediately afterwards, the vigorous voice swept Tianhe.
“There are evil and evil forces today, and the evil spirits are full, and they harm one side.”
“The land of Jiangdong, everyone gets it!”
“Today, Xu He, I will walk the way for the sky and the people of Jiangdong to destroy this scum!”
Xu He’s eyebrows were condensed, and his low voice resounded like a thunder.
He pondered for a moment, then gave a cold voice.
“Soldiers, follow the order!”
“Immediately encircle Haiyuan Pavilion and capture everyone in the restaurant. A radius of 500 meters, all sealed off, no one is allowed to let go.”
“If there is resistance, let’s kill it!”
With Xu He’s order, in an instant, if the huge boulder enters the sea, it is here in the world, causing waves of thousands of layers.
After that, everyone only saw that at the end of their sight, there were a full number of military heavy trucks, full of soldiers, like a surging river, rolling in from the distant world.
The huge wheels rolled over the ground, the mountains and rocks trembled, and the entire Yunzhou city was shaking.
Seeing the countless soldiers rolling in like a torrent of steel, Li Er and the others were almost scared to pee.
His face was pale and bloodless!
The scene they most worried about, after all, came.
This storm, which was still brewing, finally ushered in the most ferocious outbreak at this time.
Not only the Li Er and others who were onlookers, but also the residents of Yunzhou City nearby, they couldn’t help but panic on a large scale.
“My God~”
“what happened?”
“Why so many soldiers?”
“Is there going to be a war?”
“Mom, I’m afraid~”
With the influx of a large number of soldiers, the entire Yunzhou City is like an exploded gunpowder barrel.
Some people panic, some people tremble!
Some were screaming, some were crying in despair.
The whole city is in a mess!
After all, ordinary citizens have only watched such large-scale military mobilizations on TV.
Seeing those soldiers walking by with live ammunition now, everyone is naturally panicked.
Fortunately, Wu Weitao had expected such a situation a long time ago.
Therefore, when everyone was in a panic, Wu Weitao immediately led the people under his hands to the joint to comfort people.
“Don’t panic everyone~”
“General Xu is doing harm to the people!”
“This action will only target those mobsters who have done a lot of evil, and will not harm the innocent.”
“Everyone, just stay home.”
“After the criminals are subdued, the place will return to normal.”
Wu Weitao took to the street and shouted over and over again with a loudspeaker.

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