A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2250

Under the sky, everyone saw that the middle-aged man who placed the hope of Xu Junlin’s father and son in front of him raised Xu He in his hand above his head, and then everyone was shocked.
In the sudden look, he slammed it under his feet.
The earth trembled, and the rubble fell apart.
Long Baichuan’s smash, even the ground under his feet has smashed into a ravine.
As for Xu He himself, his muscles and bones were torn apart, blood was flying everywhere, and the miserable howling sound echoed in Your Excellency Haiyuan.
Xu He fainted on the spot, lying still in a pool of blood.
“Baichuan, what are you doing?”
At that moment, Xu Junlin’s whole person was dumbfounded, his old eyes were huge, his eyes almost burst open.
He didn’t expect that the person he invited to help punched his son into a waste dog.
Is this Long Baichuan stupid or crazy?
However, in the face of Xu Junlin’s questioning, Long Baichuan ignored it.
With no expression on his face, he stepped on Xu He’s body and approached Ye Fan again.
Afterwards, everyone only saw that the Yanxia Army God of the Weigai Army in front of him actually bowed his knees and bowed to Ye Fan.
With the most respected words and the most humble attitude, he bowed down to Ye Fan’s biggest bow in the world.
“Ten years of honor and shame, drink ice for a thousand days.”
“Guardian Longchuan, meet the Dragon Lord!”
The vigorous words are like falling to the ground, but they are sonorous and powerful.
Suddenly, there was a raging wind in the world.
Rolling up the boundless fallen leaves, also blowing Ye Fan’s robe, hunting and hunting.
At that moment, it was as if time was stagnant.
When they saw Long Baichuan kneeling down, everyone was stunned.
“This…this…what’s the situation?”
Li Er died with staring eyes, and lost his voice in amazement.
Lei Laosan trembled, almost forgetting to breathe.
As for Chen Ao, his whole body was even more violent. He was blindfolded and his eyes would fall.
The others, because of the tremor, opened their mouths tightly, just like a rooster pinched by the neck.
Before this, who would have thought that Xu Junlin’s greatest reliance would be as soon as he appeared, he would directly stun Xu Junlin’s son Xu He, and now he still respects Ye Fan and bows his head.
“My God, this world is crazy?”
Shen Fei shouted in surprise.
Qiu Mucheng’s beautiful eyes trembled.
Xia Xue was also full of surprises, because of the tremor, her chest could not help but rise and fall.
Even Wu Weitao, who had been sitting on the mountain watching the tigers fighting in the distance, trembled all over his body with fright.
“This…what the hell is going on?”
“Then Long Baichuan, is it an evil pen?”
“He is a generation of military gods, why should he bow down to a bastard!”
“If you want to worship, you should also worship Mr. Xu Junlin~”
Wu Weitao’s old face was gloomy. After jumping from his seat, he roared angrily, and his whole body was irritable.
Wu Weitao has naturally heard of Long Baichuan’s reputation.
This time, the reason why he stood firmly on the side of the Xu family and the Lu family was because of the long Baichuan.
After all, Long Baichuan was brave and good at fighting, and he was the best in the three armies. He was recommended by Xu Junlin and had a deep relationship with the Xu family.
Wu Weitao only felt that no matter how great Ye Fan was, it definitely couldn’t be Long Baichuan’s opponent.
But now, Wu Weitao never dreamed that it would end in front of him in the end.

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