A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 23

After all, Wang Yu is used to being so superior, and he has an illusion in his heart, always feeling that he is superior.
Wang Kaiwen quickly explained: “Don’t worry, Mr. Wang, I will let the security guard drive him out. I promise that this kind of thing will never happen again in the future.”
“Yeah.” Wang Yu nodded with satisfaction, and then said, “Okay, take me to withdraw the money. Let me mention half a million cash first. Don’t worry, after a few days, the project will be paid for 1 million. Deposit in your bank. It will not affect your performance.”
These bank employees are tasked with depositing how much money they have every month, which is linked to bonuses. When Mr. Wang said like this, Wang Kaiwen was naturally happy, and hurriedly twisted his hips to handle business for Wang Yu, and paid back before leaving. Do not forget to ridicule Ye Fan: “How about it, do you see the gap? People just take half a million. How about you? Fifty, or one hundred?”
Many people also agreed and smiled.
At this moment, Wang Yu also raised his chin, bathing the enviable gaze of the people around him, and his sense of superiority was even more exponential.
“Mr. Xiaoye, don’t take it to your heart. The rich and powerful have the way of life, and we the poor also have the way of the poor. How much money do you want, I will take you to get it? Don’t worry, one hundred and two hundred banks will also get you. “Li Xiaohong didn’t laugh at Ye Fan like other people did, but still asked patiently.
Ye Fan expressionlessly asked, “How much money does your bank have now?”
Li Xiaohong was stunned, not knowing that Ye Fan suddenly asked this.
Maybe it’s curious, right? First URL m.
Li Xiaohong did not hide: “Sir, generally small banks have hundreds of thousands of cash in stock a day, while larger banks have millions. But our Hongqi Bank is a high-end bank with about 20 million cash in stock every day.”
“Okay, I took them all.”
“Well, what?” Li Xiaohong thought she had heard it wrong, and asked again.
“I said, I have taken all the cash in your bank, all!”
While talking, Ye Fan snapped a bank card still at the front desk. The card was pitch black, and the gold silk patterns around it reflected dazzling luster. At the moment it appeared, everyone just felt a noble and mysterious aura rushing toward their faces.
“This…this is?”
“Black body gold thread?”
“Could it be
Yes, Hongqi Bank has a top credit black gold card? “In the bank, a well-informed veteran clerk called out aloud.
Top credit?
Black gold card?
For a moment, there was dead silence in the bank, and the air almost stagnated.
“This…this… how is this possible?”
“A poor man, he will have a black gold card?” Wang Yu was also stunned, shocked in his heart.
After dealing with Hongqi Bank for many years, Wang Yu naturally knows what this black gold card represents. As far as he knows, there are only two people in China who have red flags and black cards. One of them is Li Ka-shing, the former richest man on Hong Kong Island.
This is not only a symbol of wealth, but also a certification of power and status.
He Wang Yu is not qualified to apply. How could he be a poor boy?
“Fake, it must be fake!”
“I think you are crazy about money. You dare to forge my bank’s black gold card?”
“Wait, I will call the police and wait for you to go to jail.” Wang Kaiwen naturally didn’t believe that Ye Fan would have a black gold card that was a symbol of status and status. She almost immediately believed that this was Ye Fan. Where is forged.
Wang Yu was relieved at this time, obviously he thought so too.
It is estimated that this poor man became angry because of the previous humiliation, so he just used a fake card to force him.
However, I will see how you end up in a while?
“Xiaowen, don’t call the police. Maybe they are really hidden super-rich? Just give him a look and give him a chance to pretend.” Wang Yu sneered, but everyone in that tone You can hear that Wang Yu is saying something ironic.
Wang Kaiwen would naturally not disobey Wang Yu’s meaning, and immediately agreed with a smile: “What Xiao Wang always said is whether it is a fake rich or a real idiot. We will know by a test.”
“Poor boy, how do you dare to try?”
“Why don’t you dare?” Ye Fan was also angry when he was humiliated by these people twice. Apart from anything else, I took the card directly to the front desk, let them check and let them see.
Wait, I, Ye Fan, still don’t smash your dog face? !

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