A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2370

Among the crowd, there were already sneers.
Many people sneered and laughed, looking at Ye Fan with disdain.
In fact, most of the people present hardly knew Ye Fan.
After all, Ye Fan entered the military area for only a month.
Moreover, during this month, Ye Fan stayed in the military area for only a handful of times.
Even in those few days in the military area, Ye Fan’s mind was all on Qinglong, so ordinary soldiers had fewer chances to contact Ye Fan.
Therefore, in the Jiangdong Military Region of Nuo Da, those who really want Ye Fan are also Qinglong.
Wang Dongsheng may also be considered one, but speaking of it, he is more afraid of Ye Fan!
Finally, the fierce fist wind with explosive power has arrived in front of Ye Fan.
At that moment, everyone in Qinglong suddenly opened their eyes nervously!
Ye Yuyan yelled out, “Instructor Chu, get away~”
As soon as Ye Yuyan’s words fell, everyone’s ears felt like thunderous punches that could not help but explode.
Every blow, every punch, steadily landed on Ye Fan.
But then, Chen Lan suddenly changed her face!
“Say it?”
“Instructor Chen’s majesty is overwhelming. Is this young boy the enemy?”
“If this set of punches continues, even if the person does not die, the bones of his body will fall apart~”
Among the crowd, Lao Li, who had just spoken, commented with a smile again, with a self-proclaimed look.
The others also nodded and laughed: “Yes, who is Instructor Chen?”
“The head of Xingyimen.”
“Master Guowu~”
“What can be compared to others?”
While everyone smiled, they complimented Chen Lan one after another, and some even took the lead, shouting Chen Lan mighty.
“Congratulations, instructor Chen~”
“Instructor Chen is mighty!”
“As expected of the master of national martial arts~”
“Shut up for me~”
The people behind him are still bragging together.
But who would have thought that their flattery not only did not exchange Chen Lan’s gratitude, but was so angry that Chen Lan directly cursed.
In particular, the sentence Cao Nima, like a slogan, directly slammed the soldiers!
What happened to us?
Can’t praise you?
Everyone looked at each other, one by one dumbfounded, but they couldn’t figure out where they had offended Chen Lan.
However, where did they know that Chen Lan at this time had the heart to kick these idiots to death.
All this is because the attack he hit on Ye Fan just now did not cause Ye Fan any harm!
He even failed to repel Ye Fan.
This kind of result originally made Chen Lan a little flustered and upset, but at this time, hearing the screams of idiots behind him again naturally made Chen Lan even more angry.
If he really defeated Ye Fan just now, they would just shout a few words.
But now, he attacked with all his strength and didn’t shake Ye Fan at all. The flattery at this time is undoubtedly ironic to Chen Lan!
“Damn it!”
“I don’t believe it. Isn’t your body made of copper and iron?”
After losing the attack just now, Chen Lan didn’t believe in evil, and once again took up both fists and hit Ye Fan.
Or punch or foot, or kick or kick!
At this time, Chen Lan seemed to be crazy, bombarding Ye Fan wildly.
But it’s useless.
Ren Chen Lan attacked a thousand kinds of methods, Ye Fan still stood there, motionless.
Finally, as a cold wind blew, Ye Fan’s eyebrows also immediately chilled, and the sorrowful words sounded quietly like Shura desperately.
“Next, it’s me.”

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